Weird guy with the dog?

I got that nickname in the last year, but I feel like I have had it my whole life. I always felt like I didn’t fit in the “normal” social groups.  There are a couple people I consider friends in waiting, but we shall see.  I’ve had a dog for years and relationships with pets can be very rewarding.  They are always happy to see you.  They don’t eat much, they know when you are down, and I never came home to a “stray dog” in my house, unlike with my ex wife!  

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I’ve worked many different jobs so far, but the only one dear to my heart is property maintenance.  It may be considered menial labor at best, does not pay well but I love the smell of cut grass and being in the sun all day.  So what do I do to be able to afford the work and lifestyle I truly want?  Buy a sailboat of course!

I know, it sounds crazy to most people, but I have lived in a tent, a 36 foot motor home and tractor trailers for years.  I find the small confines to be quite comforting. They are easy to keep clean, fiberglass will not rot, and basic maintenance is cheap if you do the labor. 

I love the idea of no rent, mortgage or property tax.  No landlord, bank or town government controlling what you can and cannot do.  I can anchor almost anywhere, wind is free, and I can work for less money but enjoy what I am doing.  I can truly be free!  Is that not part of what being an American is?

What will it take to get there?   The sailboat I want is an S2 11.0a or a Islander Freeport 36The price on the currant market is between $19,000 and $45,000.  The low end will get you a “fixer upper” but the price of a comparable boat in today’s market would cost $125,000 or more.  I’m pretty handy, so I’ll take the project!  Four more years, saving $1500 to $2000 per month will give me the money for purchase, refit, and a year to sail the east coast just to have some fun!  Can you say the “Keys and “margaritaville!”

Weird guy with the dog?

I’m 49 now and I’m tired of padding someone else’s retirement. I’m never going to have a nice home even if I wanted one.  I have had really nice cars, lots of partying and far to many “substances” in my younger days.  I realize now, hopefully before its to late, what a waste of time it all was.  I’ve never really been happy.  It’s the simple things stupid!

Weird guy with the dog?

Waking up to a sunrise on Tumbledown Mt, or the silence in the deep forests of Maine.  Walking on the beach at sunset, with only some gulls as friends.  There are many things that can add so much joy to your life,  all you have to do is stop and look.  As I write this, I again realize just how much I have missed trying to fit into the “social norms” of today’s society.  What a waste of time!

If nobody reads this, than so be it.  At least I’ll feel better for trying.  If I gain a following simply hoping to see me fail, that’s ok too.  But if you feel like me, if your searching for something better in you life, I look forward to your comments. 


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