The Right Choice

Did I make the right choice?  How many times have you asked yourself that?  Have you ever laid there rethinking it over and over?  Have you ever thought how dumb that question is?  If only hindsight is 20/20, whats the point in asking?  I tend to take my choices, hold them in front of me, then analyze them from every angle until I get lost in the minutia of it all.  Now I put them away on a dusty shelf in my mind only to drag them out later.  I may do this several times trying to make the best decision possible.  But once the choice is made, why do we ask was it the right one?

Agonizing over any decision is an exercise in futility. Only time will tell you if it was the right choice. Or will it?  We take all the information we have, then make a choice based on facts, conjecture, opinion, bias and even gut instinct.  Is one choice better than another?  Suppose your driving your car, the sunroof open and it starts to rain.  You could drive faster and the wind will blow most of it over the car, or close the sunroof to stop the rain from coming in.  What if  your first choice caused you to crash into a car that pulled in front of you due to a faulty traffic light.  With your second choice you were driving slower, but you windows fogged up and you hit the fifth car.  Different choices, same outcome.  I think you never really know if its the right choice as you will never know the outcome of the choice you didn’t make.

Such is life.  We stumble along, making choices each day, never sure if they are the right ones.  We like to think we know what we are doing, but do we?  Does age or experience help you to make better choices?  Some would say so, but I’m not sure.  I think we do the best we can, and hope for the best.  Life is indeed a crap shoot!


7 thoughts on “The Right Choice

  1. This is one I missed I guess.. Great insight about what ifs.. My take on it is a little different.. When wondering if I made the right choice, usually isn’t me worrying about it, but thinking of alternate possibilities for better results, if a similar decision presents itself in the future..

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  2. I loved this – my mother always says that life is full of crossroads, the catch being that generally once you start down the road of choice that’s it until the next crossroads comes up. For me, as i just said to Pan in another context – I seldom have a Plan A let alone a Plan B and sort of muddle through life – my only rule being that I must know what is round each corner which means that I meander and get distracted and have even more choices to make but that’s part of the fun!

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  3. I had to scratch my head and really think about how I have made my choices in life…Upon review, I realize that I am far less concerned with how things MIGHT turn out now that I am older. I just follow my gut and jump in with both feet these days. In my younger days, I wasted a lot of time thinking of every possible outcome before I made a decision to act. The result? Despite all of my best thinking…the outcome was inevitably a surprise. (One that I would have NEVER thought possible.)
    If you have never read “Illusions” by Richard Bach…Please, do yourself a great favor and read it.
    You, my friend, I believe will find it to be exactly what you needed to read at this point in your life! (my “gut” told me to write that verbatim) If you would like a copy, I just happen to have it in “E” book form, and would be happy to email it to you. Have a Fantastic Weekend…Give Vinny our best! (Bark!)

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