Nothing good is ever easy

Hmmm, let’s see.  I just quit my job and I have no money to speak of.  My folks are months away from assisted living, and I can’t work again until then.  The money they bring in is just enough to get by.  We can’t stay in the house were in this winter and that’s not long off.  If I can’t place them soon, we will have to move.  I’m just “living the dream” right?

Well, not yet.  And just what is the “dream” anyway?  I’m sure it’s different for every person.  Some dream of a big house, a fancy car, great vacations, 2.5 children and maybe even a dog.  Others see a retirement filled with rounds of golf, or a retreat in Florida on the beach with drinks every evening watching the waves roll in.  And still others may see the dream job with power and influence over others, whether in business or politics.  I must admit, I followed a couple of those for some time.


I realize now, as I spoke about earlier, my happiness lies in something much simpler.  I see me living on a mid sized sailboat, about 36 feet will do.  I see me working on the Maine coast in summer.  Maybe working at a resort or golf course near Boothbay Harbor and sailing every weekend.  Sometimes alone, sometimes with friends.  Eating simple food with a glass of wine.  Basking in the glory of every sunrise and sunset.

 Buying a good quality camera and taking thousands of photographs of nature.  If I’m good at it, maybe I can make a little spending cash.  You need to take life by the horns with the realization that every day could be your last.  You just never know.

b (22)

I hope to sail south every winter.  Visit the Florida Keys, Louisiana and Texas.  Maybe perform simple boat repairs for others or work part time at a marina. Or if I make enough during the summer, I may not have to work at all.

Some day, I would like to sail to the south pacific.  I’ve always had a vision of visiting the Solomon and Marshal Islands.  My only fear is once I get there, I may never come back!  You can archive anything you want, but everything is a compromise.  What are you willing to give up to live the lifestyle you want?  I will have to give up allot of the things most people think are necessities.  Nothing good is ever easy.


The first part of my plan involves a small trailer to hold all my stuff.  I have been working on it for a couple of months now.  I will need room for my tools, personal belongings, and a place to sleep.  I have built a bench, shelves and storage boxes.  I’m going to purchase a rooftop tent.  Along with a solar panel and deep cycle batteries, I am adding refrigeration and a two burner stove.  I will have more pictures in a future post.


Once I buy a used boat, it will take maybe a year to restore it, but I will have to do most of the labor myself.  Renting an apartment would eat up too much of my funds, so I will stay in my tent.  Part of my refit costs will be paying a marina a monthly fee to have the boat “on the hard”, but they provide showers and sometimes a pool!  Living small should be the most cost effective way to get things done.

Where I buy the boat will determine where I look for a suitable marina.  Not all will allow DIY boat work.  I will also need a warm climate.  If I buy a boat in Maine, it needs to be in sail away condition.  The Carolina’s, Florida or Texas would be a better choice.  If I start in October, I should have quite a few months of cooler and drier weather to complete the outside work.  Once it is weather tight, I can move inside for the finer work.

This is the basic plan, but “The best laid plans of mice and men”, you know what I mean!  We shall see.  After all I have been through, do you think a few hiccups will slow me down?  “I don’t think so, your getting your wishes so sit down!”   (I watched “Aladdin” a thousand times with my niece!)


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