I’m Still Learning

If you have read my blog for more than a week, you can see I changed the layout quite a bit.  I got some good advice from a person with much more time on the web than I, and I like the results.  I learned a long time ago that you should seek out the help of someone you aspire to be like, and heed their advice.  Always maintain your own persona, but allow for other ideas you may not have thought of.

Bumble Bee's just waking up.
Bumble Bee’s just waking up.

I’m still learning to use my new camera.  There are many features I am unfamiliar with, but I can learn.  A big part of it is about the lighting, or so it seems.  I understand the theory of the “Exposure Triangle”, but to put it into practice will take time.  Composition and staging of the subject seem straight forward enough, and the photography rule of thirds make senseYou can teach an old dog new tricks, as they say!

Sandy River, Strong Maine
Sandy River, Strong Maine

I also learned about using a UV filter.  The filter allowed me to see through the water to the rocks below.  I’m glad I have the time right now to explore this. I will admit, it does provide some “Me” time away from my daily stress.  There are many places close by for me to hone my skills, and get away for an hour or two.

Path beside Sandy River in Strong Maine
Path beside Sandy River in Strong Maine

Just taking a walk down a country trail for an hour gives me the solitude I need, and “Recharges the batteries”,  I think you know I mean.  When I get back to the house, I feel refreshed and ready to take on the days efforts.  I’ve always had a strong attraction to mountains, so I recently took my dog to a field nearby on top of a hill in Freeman Township.

On Tory Hill, Freeman Township Maine
On Tory Hill, Freeman Township Maine

The view was so serene and peaceful.  All I could hear was the wind in the trees, and the grass rustling in the field.  I could see a bird of prey circling in the distance, looking for it’s next meal.  If I stayed there long enough, I’m sure I would have seen a deer or two eating the fresh grass.  Is this what drew the pioneers to this and other wild areas?  The feeling of being in nature, far away from man gives me the hope that I can one day truly feel comfortable, and truly free.

Strong Maine
Strong Maine

And so I continue down this road to my destiny.  How much control over the result I have is anybody’s guess.  You make a plan, then adapt and adjust, and hope the end result fits your dream.  No matter what, if you sit still, you get nowhere.  I try, I fail, and sometimes I succeed.  But no matter what, I’m still learning.


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