Another bridge crossed

It’s now official.  The people we have been talking to about housing my father have agreed to take him in.  We will sign the contract, and he will be moving in on Sep 8th.  I met with the woman who will be taking over the care of my father, and I left with a feeling of confidence that she is very capable of providing what he needs.  She and her husband provide a safe home, all meals and housekeeping along with 24/7 medical care.  She is an RN, has had plenty of training, and her last veteran had far greater P753needs than my father.  They only have two veterans in their home at a time so they always get the attention they need.  The other veteran in her care was very happy at her home and seemed genuinely excited that my father was moving in.  I think it will do allot of good for my father to have a friend who was also in Korea at the same time he was.

My sister has agreed to have my mother move in on Sep 10th.  She has rearranged her life and house to accommodate our mother, and I couldn’t be more happy at  how she and her husband have stepped up to the situation.  I’m sure there will be some difficulties at first, but I will do my best to provide anything they may need.  My mother is feeling a little apprehensive about separating from her husband after 54 years, but I hope it will do them both some good.  Once she gets away from the stress, I think she will calm down and maybe her health will improve some.  We shall see.

Yesterday I applied for a job with a trucking company here in Maine.  Since I am not the type to just send an application and hope they call, I called them and asked if I could stop in and fill it out.  They agreed and I drove almost 2 hours over to their office.  I met with several people including the owner of the company.  I found hem to be verydi-freightliner_coronado_2011-60cab2649f1b8b50b97587b062678807.jpg (2) friendly, polite and professional.  They are a small company compared to others as they have only 28 trucks at this time. Their shop, office and surrounding property were neat and clean unlike some others I have seen.  All of the trucks were in great condition and obviously well maintained.  I take allot of pride in the tools I use to do my job, and having a nice truck is more important to me than the money.  We spoke for about 45 minuets, and they offered me a job!  I couldn’t be happier.  I strive to be a professional and wish to surround myself with such.  Just like my last employer, small companies seem to pay allot more attention to their people.

I could have gone back to the company I was at before.  I have no complaints as they treated me quite well.  The only reason I chose not to is because of the lanes they run.  I’m very tired of the same runs to New Jersey and back.  I need to be out of New England for awhile.  I need to stretch my legs as it were.  I’m sure I won’t love every trip I get, but the chance to go back to Wyoming, Utah, Idaho or Montana 100_0884again is very appealing.  I think the best parts of this country are the areas with the smallest populations.  To many people tend to spoil the landscape.

So now this chapter in my life seems to be coming to a close.  I feel my parents are going to be ok in their new surroundings.  I’m sure there will be an adjustment time for all of us as we adapt.  I’m looking forward to being on the open road again, as I spent the last year at my prior job driving locally here in Maine so I could be home every night.  It’s just not the same.  It could be considered luck that everything fell into place so quickly.  Some may call it “Divine Provenience”, but I’m just happy things went so well.  For me and the goals I have for my future, it’s another bridge crossed.


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