I know your out there somewhere….

I like the Moody Blues.  I listened even before I understood the lyrics.  Because I grew up with older siblings, I was exposed to music before my generation.  The Beatles, Jethro Tull, ELO, Pink Floyd, Jim Crocie, Fleetwood Mac and many others were the entertainers I enjoyed as a young man and still do today.

Moody_Blues_Greatest_HitsThey always had real meaning to their songs, something I believe is lacking with many artists today.  Maybe it’s because they were not in it just for the money, but they had something to say on a very deep level.  Some people will say the same about this or that artist of today, so maybe I’m just biased in my judgement.  To each his own as they say.  All I can tell you is it “Speaks” to me on many levels.

Music for me is the one thing that can help me to alter my mood in just a moment.  Have you ever had a favorite song come on the car radio, and you start singing as hard as you can no matter who is watching?  You feel it so deeply at that moment, nothing else matters?  One song can make you forget how much you were hurt from your bad marriage, another can bring you back down to earth, make you realize your not fully in control of your life.  I think music has that power over all of us.  Sometimes, when day to day stress become to much, a quick ride with my favorite music playing is all I need to calm down.

135296358_dcbb2e9410“Skating away on the thin ice of a new day” as Jethro Tull put it, kind of says it all.  I think that’s what we are all doing, even if we don’t see it.  Some people have a way of putting into words what we all feel, but can’t seem to say.  I have read many blogs from people who consider themselves “Wordsmiths” and poets, and they love to quote others in their posts.  They have more talent than I in that arena, so I will stick to just telling my truth.

Today I had a conversation with someone I have allot of respect for.  Just a chance meeting at the grocery store.  We normally talk only in a business setting, so today was allot less formal.  I find her insights to be spot on in many facets of daily life, and her humor contagious.  I find it refreshing to talk to a woman that takes a serious look at life instead of just worrying about what the “Kardashians” are up to, or what the latest fall fashions are this year.  I find many people under 40 to be very shallow with a poor understanding of the world around us. I’m not saying they are stupid, I just think they are so wrapped up in their daily lives, they have no clue about what can have an influence in their future.

albumArt“Point of no return” as Kansas put it, is what I feel we are heading to.  Not because I believe in the “End of days” or “Global warming.”  I feel it’s an inherent flaw in humans that we tend to wait till it’s to late to change our ways for the better.  I’m trying change my life for the better, even if some people think that I may not “have it together” in their opinion.  If I spent my time trying to live up to the ideals of others, I truly would not be in control of my life.  I would just be another person trying to fit in with everyone else.  I made bad choices in my youth that I am paying for now.  So be it.  But I will make my way as best I can, and hope for the best.

I start my new trucking job by the 15th or so of September.  I will admit I am looking forward to being out on the open road again.  I feel I have done the best I could for my parents, but now it’s time for me.  I will stay out for a month at a time, then come back and take 5 days or so off to visit with the family and relax.

5078828925_74cde21d0e_zBy early next summer I hope to have a small sailboat to begin the next part of my life.  A 25 foot or so boat will allow me to learn what I need to know while not spending to much.  They are responsive and easy to handle, so I’m told.  They can be bought in Maine for $5000 to $8000 and be in great shape.  I will take some lessons on my own boat at first, then “Sail the keel off it” after that.  The coast of Maine is a great training ground due to the many types of weather and hazards you can encounter.  After a few years, I hope to buy my “Liveaboard” boat and maybe sail to warmer climbs in winter.  Maybe I can find a like minded woman to come along as my first mate!  I haven’t lost all faith.  I know your out there somewhere!


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