Sick already?

And so it begins.  I can feel my first cold coming on after only one month on the road.  It always happens when you are exposed to a larger group of people, especially when some of them have very low standards of cleanliness!  out-sick-with-the-fluNo matter how many time a day you wash your hands, somehow you still pick up some germ!  I see people sneezing into their hand, then open the door without any thought for what they are doing.  I can’t walk around all day with a tissue in my hand so as not to touch anything can I?  Maybe use exam gloves?  There’s just no way to avoid being exposed to something.

On a lighter note, I went to Bullwinkle’s again, but this time I went into the lounge called “The Bog”.  Those of you not from Maine, that pretty much defines 75% of the topography in this state!  You should be here during “Black Fly” season!  Those little buggers get together and try to carry off small children!

dbfdfI’m not much of a bar person, so I went in with low expectations.  As I opened the door, an elderly couple were coming out.  That raised my eyebrows a little.  I went in, after holding the door for them, and found it to be the standard fare for a lounge, albeit very clean!  There were people of all ages having a good time.  No load music, no smoking, and generally just a good vibe.  It’s refreshing to go in for a drink and not have the usual “College” crowd stumbling around like idiots.  I’m not judging them, I used to be the same.  It’s just as I have gotten older, I prefer something a little more subdued.  Everyone was a little boisterous, but that’s to be expected when alcohol is being consumed!  I was there about an hour, and I had a nice time.  Maybe I got the bug there?  Naahh…


2 thoughts on “Sick already?

  1. I have truly enjoyed your blogs! Your insight into life and what’s happening in yours makes me reflect on my own! So very glad for our chance meeting at Bullwinkles! May God bless the road you are traveling! .


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