It’s just another day

I spent the night at Beckley Travel Plaza in West Virginia last night.  I’ve stayed here before and always enjoyed the mountain air and fresh breezes here in this valley.


There are grassy places to walk Vinny and friendly people in the stores.  It’s true that the further south you go in the USA, the more genuinely friendly the people are.  I think it has to do with the more conservative culture of the people.  Many people refer to this area as the “Bible Belt“.  Whatever you call it, I feel welcomed here.

But don’t let the name fool you, it’s still a truck stop!  Last night about 9pm, there came a tap tap taping at my chamber door, but it wasn’t the raven!  It was a Lizard!  A “Lot Lizard” to be exact!  I have never, nor will I ever, use the “Services” of a lot lizard.  That being said, I can’t help but feel a little sympathy for them.  lot lizardThe woman started with the usual line, “Do you want to party” and then, before I could say no, she went into the story of her hungry child in her car etc, etc…  How could that be your choice of profession?  Given the untidy nature of many truck drivers, she would have to be pretty desperate to do such a thing.  I asked her, “If you can show me your car with your child in it, I will give you $20 right now”.  She just looked at me, and then walked off.  If she was telling the truth, I would have gladly given her the money.

IMG_1296 (Medium)

When I woke this morning, this is my view.  A dirty windshield, a truck in the no parking zone, (probably came in after midnight)  and no coffee!  At least it’s sunny and that makes a good day for me.  I get dressed to walk Vinny, then go inside to Starbucks.  As I step outside, my olfactory glands are assaulted by the overpowering smell of urine.  I walk Vinny to the “Grassy Knoll” as it were, and I see all the trash dropped on the ground by last nights residents.  Can you imagine being the person who has to clean this up every day?  I wish there was a Tip jar out here for them!

IMG_1099 (Medium)Well, I’ve got four more hours before I need to leave here, so I will make the best of it.  I wrote this post, I will walk around the entire property with Vinny, and maybe take a little nap!  Oh the simple joys and unpleasantness of driving a truck!


5 thoughts on “It’s just another day

  1. It saddens me that people have so little respect for others that they just drop trash (they do it here, just like anywhere else – in the middle of beautiful woods, stunning gorges, just drop it and drive or walk on). Someone has to clear up the mess. And that mess of a lady? I guess something drove her to it, I wonder what ….

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