Even if it was my fault, it does you no good if your dead!

I have a dangerous job.  Many people don’t think about what a Truck Driver has to deal with on a daily basis.  Not only do we have to safely handle 80,000 lbs of truck and trailer,  (that’s equal to 20 average cars!)  but we have to anticipate what other drivers are going to do.  Many accidents are the trucker’s fault it’s true, but MANY more are the fault of people in cars who don’t understand the poor decisions they make every day.  Every day people cut me off, pull in to close in front of me, pass on the right, and generally do some pretty stupid things that could easily get them killed.  At 55 mph, it would take me the distance of 5 telephone poles to stop.  When your out tomorrow, count 5 poles, and then think about pulling out in front of a truck with your kids in the back seat!


I went by this one today that was apparently the fault of the trucker.  The driver ran into the back of another truck and could have died.  He is very fortunate he will be able to go home to his family after a short hospital stay.  Many others are not.

The following photo’s can all be found on the web.  I left out the real gory ones as I don’t feel the need to show them to illustrate my point.

1 (1) 1 (2)

1 (3) 1 (4) 1 (5) 1 (6) 1 (7) 1 (8) 1 (9)

State Trooper gathers details (not sure if this is the driver of the truck) about fatal head-on collision on I-81 at the 70.4 mile marker. The red car was heading south bound and crossed the median and hit the semi head-on. Photo byNed Jilton II

1 (11)

From what I read, all of these were fatalities for the truck driver or the driver of the car.  Please, give us a little more room!  If you wipe out in front of me, it’s not going to be a little nudge, you could very well die.  We all have family’s too.  We would like to go home and see them as much as you do yours.  We are out here to bring you all the things you use on a daily basis.  Almost everything you have was brought to a store on a truck.  Were doing a job that benefits all of us.  The police and news media are always looking for who’s at fault, but let me say this…even if it was my fault, it does you no good if your dead!


5 thoughts on “Even if it was my fault, it does you no good if your dead!

  1. Last Friday, France witnessed its worst RTA in 30 years. 43 people died when a truck collided with a bus full of pensioners on their way for a day out hiking and visiting a restaurant. The truck driver and his son died, the bus driver survived. Road safety is something of a soap-box for me. I am a trained driving instructor and I get incensed at the risks I see people take here and back in the UK. In my experience, the truck driver is the one least likely to take a risk. And yet, as you rightly say, he is the most likely to die in an impact. And if, like the bus driver on Friday, he survives – what does the future hold …. a life-time of wondering why he was spared. This is a brilliant piece of writing illustrated candidly but not gratuitously. I take my hat off to you for doing the job you do – I wouldn’t, couldn’t but I can try and alleviate the risk to your compadres across the globe when I take to the car. It’s just a question of mindfulness. I think.


    1. I thank you for being aware of what is happening on the roadways. Sometimes I just shake my head in disbelief at what some drivers will do just to get in front of me, then take the next exit! (Angry outburst!) I just bought a high quality dash cam to record the action for my safety and to show others. Stay tuned!

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