Living the dream….Not always!

IMG_1324I’m sitting at a truck stop just outside Harrisburg PA for my mandatory 34 hrs off to reset my log book.  My next load picks up at 4pm today, and delivers at 5:30am tomorrow.  The drive is only 400 miles or so, but the waiting time can be a pain in the ass!  Most food warehouses take forever to unload and verify the count.  Something that should only take an hour once started, will sometimes take 3 or 4.  By the way, I don’t get paid to sit there!

Not every day is a great day.  We have to make the best of what we have.  Even though there are boring times out on the road, there are fun and inspiring times also.

A beautiful sunrise,IMG_0111

an incredible mountain vista,100_0650

or a vast plain as far as the eye can see.  100_0446

Weird rock formations,1 (20) (Medium)

abandoned farms, 100_0574

trains that are miles long,100_0526

and roads that stretch on forever.100_0421

It’s not always easy to stay positive.  I think we are all a little “Bi-Polar” at times.  As I sit here, I find myself retreating back into my tiny house.  My curtains are closed to block out the world.  A feeling of anxiety comes on and I realize I can’t stay behind my wall, I need to get out and smell the air, walk in the sun and try to make the best of my surroundings.

This is my view today. (There’s “Big Blue” in the center)IMG_1341 (Medium)

Not so nice. I take my dog for a walk to try and find something nice about my day here.  I’m still looking to find beauty around me. Wait, is that grass?  Vinny is happy!IMG_1330 (Medium)

What about over here, not so nice.IMG_1344 (Medium)

So much for this sign!IMG_1326 (Medium)

Well, there is this.IMG_1333 (Medium)

Remember as a child breaking these off, beating them on a tree and watching the seeds fly away?  Did you imagine yourself as a seed flying away to a distant land and new adventures?IMG_1335 (Medium)

As I write this I try to think about the here and now.  It’s a sunny fall day, and I can here cricket’s in the bushes.  There are a few birds chirping, and if I focus really hard, I can block out the traffic noise and feel like I’m alone with my dog.  Life truly is what you make of it.


4 thoughts on “Living the dream….Not always!

  1. Wonderful pictures and I am convinced you are right – we all have a tendency to bi-polar. You read Richard Bentall’s books ‘Madness Explained’ and ‘Doctoring the Mind’ …. a clinical psychologist of some note he starts from the premise that we all exhibit the elements of what are considered ‘madness’ in some degree or another.


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