Nice people, nice places, good friends.

I started to write this post about all the impolite people I deal with on a daily basis.  As I started to type it out I thought it would be better to focus on the few NICE people and places that make living in this world bearable.  Let’s start a few days ago…

bullwinkle-s-family-steakI went to Bullwinkle’s restaurant again a few nights ago just before I left Maine.  As before, the food was terrific, but I was most impressed with the service.  The young woman that was my server was exceptionally courteous, polite and attentive.  We talked a little, as they were not to busy, and I found her to be quite engaging and intuitive.  When I told her about my prior visit and blog post, she expressed a great interest.  I pulled up this site to show her and she sat across from me to look for a moment.  The thought crossed my mind that if she was a representation of the next generation that would be running this country, we would be in for many more improvements to our way if life.

Sadly though, it only took a moment to see the other side of that generation.  I watched her serve one group of patrons who were very polite, said thank you to her service, and she went back to the kitchen for more food.  The next table she served, never said a word, and she had to ask twice if they needed anything else as I don’t believe they were paying any attention to her presence other than her bringing the food.  I immediately thought of how rude they were to her, but she seemed to just take it all in stride and go on to other duties.  In my humble opinion, she is an exceptional person the likes of which we need more of.

TALast night I stayed at a TA truck stop in Hebron OH.  I happen to like this one because of how clean it is along with the food venues and other amenities they offer.  They have many grassy areas to walk Vinny, and they seem to keep up with the trash better than most.  I went in to Sbarro to get spaghetti and meatballs, (great comfort food), and when I payed the young woman at the register, she too was very polite and courteous to me.  When I went to the front register to pay for some milk, the same good service.  After dinner, I took Vinny for a walk to burn off the whole meatball I gave him.  They have a nice play area for dogs behind the truck stop.  IMG_1359 (Medium)Vinny had fun running off leash in the fenced in area complete with various agility structures.  Years ago he could have jumped up into them, but now I had to help him.  Even so, I think he had fun.  I’m not going to have much more time with my best friend, so I try to make every day a good day for him.   He still curls up under the blanket with me every night.  He’s so excited when I come back to the truck with some small tidbit of food from a restaurant.   His lust for life never wavers and is an inspiration to me every day.

IMG_1223Tonight I stopped in Sullivan MO at a Flying J truck stop.  I went in to the “Denny’s” restaurant for dinner as I was to tired to cook.  Again, the server was very nice.  It appears to be my week for meeting nice people.  Last week was not so nice, but that will be a future post.  I need to let the dust settle before I write that one!

My reefer is running on continuous, so I have a low hum in my ears all night.  I’m parked on a weird slope so I feel like I’m falling out of my bed.  Still, I have to focus on what is nice about today…

IMG_0044 IMG_0914 20140413_094929 100_1187 100_1047 100_0951 100_0936 100_0845 100_0025 100_0023 IMG_1099 (Medium)


8 thoughts on “Nice people, nice places, good friends.

  1. You are so right about how nice it is to receive good service with a smile. I work in a place with security and it doesn’t take much for customers to be upset. It’s amazing how smiling and laughing soothes fraught situations. I love your little dog – great post.

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      1. I discovered that you need to ‘like’ lots of other sites for them to visit you. New ones are particularly good as they are usually loyal. Also, lots of tags to draw people in – dogs/cats work every time!

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