Good Morning America

What a view this morning!  Interstate 80, western Pennsylvania.

IMG_1393 (Medium)

IMG_1412 (Medium)

IMG_1430 (Medium)

IMG_1437 (Medium)


8 thoughts on “Good Morning America

    1. Trust me! Wait, isn’t that the guy thing to say? But really, I have a good quality camera that I can sorta point at something, take 20 or more shots, then sort out the bad ones later. If you look real close, they may not be totally in focus, but still pass the web test. In the future, I will start posting full size pics at 6000×3000 pixals.

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      1. That happens to me all the time. One of our squirrels was baring her whole tummy while swinging from the crape tree but couldn’t get my camera quick enough. Chase a coatimundi all over my hotel in Mexico and still couldn’t get a decent shot…:)

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