The grass is not always greener…

I’m sitting in Breinigsville PA for the rest of today.  I delivered my load this morning, and my next one picks up at 3pm tomorrow in Gettysburg PA.  It’s a fair day weather wise, so I took Vinny out for a walk around the “Wawa” that I’m parked at.  IMG_1520 (Medium)It’s not really a truck stop, but they do offer some parking for trucks.  The food they offer is good, the people are friendly and the bathrooms are clean.  They are open 24hrs, so when I get up at 3am, I can get a fresh cup of coffee to start my day.

Most of the grounds are very nice for Vinny, so we walked the property for a half hour.  IMG_1519 (Medium)Unfortunately, there are always unscrupulous drivers who feel the need to try and ruin it for the rest of us.IMG_1514 (Medium)Granted, it can be very hard to dispose of leftover pallets and packaging.  Most receivers destroy the pallets and won’t provide a place to clean out your trailer.  That’s still no excuse to dump it on the ground when no one is looking. IMG_1517 (Medium) During my walk, I took the time to reflect on the last few weeks.  I started my new job with high hopes.  I was looking forward to long distance travel, a fantastic truck, and many more opportunities for photo’s.  I wanted to go back to Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.   I love the feeling you get when you don’t see a house for hours.  Nothing but open countryside and big skies.  But that was not to be.

100_0531I’m not going to say really bad things about that company, but suffice it to say, they run the business very “Old School” with loose leaf logs, and other “Tricks” to maximize your hours of service.  I raised my concerns about it, and was told, “Sometimes you have to be an adult, and know a company is not a good fit for you!”  OK, time to leave.  I called the company I was working for before,  and they took me back without hesitation.  I had left there to care for my elderly parents until I could make arrangements for them.  Once that was done, and I was ready to go again, I went with the other company just to try and expand my travel area.  I didn’t think about what is most important.

Now that I’m back with this company, I feel I learned an important lesson.  The trucks are smaller, the routes are mostly east coast, but the people are like family.  The only thing that really matters, is how you are treated by your employer.  I feel like I am home again.  A truly sincere “Welcome Back” was said to me by everyone on my first day.  I’ve never felt better at any other place I have worked in my life.  A special Thank You too Dave and Sheldon.  I consider you two to be my friends.  I WILL NEVER LEAVE AGAIN!

I go inside for a little snack.  When I come out, my best buddy is waiting for his little piece.  IMG_1506 (Medium)I don’t give him much, but it makes his day!IMG_1512 (Medium)I’m feeling very good about my life right now.  There are many tragic things going on, and many more to come.  But at least I know I have people who care, and I have my best friend with me all the time.  You have to learn what the most important things are in your life, then don’t let go.






18 thoughts on “The grass is not always greener…

  1. As ever you strike the exact right note for me. What is important. Really important is not stuff but the love of a good – well in your case and in mine a good dog! Simple pleasures maketh a life worthwhile. As for the bad stuff – again I entirely agree … it will keep on coming. So why worry – better to live life, appreciate the simple pleasures it offers and give what we can to those that appreciate and care. The rest will take care of itself with no help from us and it may be good and it may be bad but worrying won’t change a thing.

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  2. Hahahaha I knew where you were the instant I saw the WAWA sign.. I take Stewie down the road on the side and he plays on that big hill, I don’t even know the name of the warehouse but to the side of it, is great grass for him to romp in.. I too hate to see what the dirty drivers leave behind.. It’s why there’s certain places I stop, to avoid Stewie from stepping on/in/smelling/licking things that could harm him or worse.. Sheldon and Dave ???
    Pfft, they’re meanies !!!! But all the rest of us are simply awesome 😂
    You and I are fortunate to work for and with the people here..

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  3. And they won’t be the least bit surprised !
    Actually they’d probably be surprised if I didn’t say it Lol.. I’m in Pa. too, Milesburg, going to take the brat outside with his eek eek toy in a few minutes.. Lewiston tomorrow.. Glad winter hasn’t really started yet here.. Had some snow going out to WI in In. and Oh. but avoided it til it was on the ground and roads were clear.. they got a bunch at on time.. Hope to see you and Vinny again someday..

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  4. Btw, dogs drool too.. Stewie doesn’t drool often.. only when it’s time to eat or have a treat.. but oh my, its hysterical, he’ll sit still like a good boy but its like someone turned on the waterworks with his mouth closed.. sometimes, and yes I know its mean, I’ll make him wait longer, just because I’m laughing so hard..

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  5. Ooooohhh, Lol, Vinny the cheesy addict
    I swear to you I did not see a Mcd here on our walk.. weird thing is I saw it in my mind when I read your comment.. I think you and I both are thinking of one of the other i80 Pa Tas.. I’m at the 158 exit, the one you have to loop and drive 1/4 of a mile off the highway.. theres like 5 tas between oh and 81 on here.. lol

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  6. What a great post. My last job before retirement was with a small company where we all felt like family. This type of environment makes working more meaningful and fulfilling. And what can I say about Vinny – a great family member also. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading this. Hope your day is a good one. 🙂


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