The world as I see it

Every photo in this post was taken from the comfort of my air ride seat through the windows of my truck.  If you have been following this blog, some of these you may have seen before.  I put them back in as they are some of my favorites.  Also, just for fun, check out the short video’s at the end.  Enjoy!

100_0531 IMG_1437 (Medium) IMG_1430 (Medium) IMG_1412 (Medium) IMG_1393 (Medium) 100_0526 100_0421 100_0446 100_0650 IMG_0111 1 (56) (Medium) 1 (55) (Medium) 100_0362 (Medium) 100_0400 (Medium) 100_0462 (Medium) 100_0468 (Medium) 100_0472 (Medium) 100_0473 (Medium) 100_0500 (Medium) 100_0509 (Medium) 100_0512 (Medium) 100_0515 (Medium) 100_0517 (Medium) 100_0518 (Medium) 100_0530 (Medium) 100_0531 (Medium) 100_0533 (Medium) 100_0538 (Medium) 100_0557 (Medium) 100_0628 (Medium) 100_0634 (Medium) 100_0635 (Medium) 100_0637 (Medium) 100_0638 (Medium) 100_0645 (Medium) 100_0670 (Medium) 100_0694 (Medium) 100_0702 (Medium) 100_0745 (Medium) 100_0747 (Medium) 100_0937 (Medium) 100_0949 (Medium) a (15) (Medium) b (12) (Medium) Berkshires (Medium) IMG_0050 (Medium) IMG_0063 (Medium) IMG_0109 (Medium) IMG_0113 (Medium) IMG_0992 (Medium) IMG_1486 (Medium) IMG_1551 (Medium) IMG_1620 (Medium) IMG_1707 (Medium) IMG_1732 (Medium) IMG_1736 (Medium) IMG_1751 (Medium) IMG_1800 (Medium) IMG_1806 (Medium) IMG_1823 (Medium) IMG_1829 (Medium) IMG_1839 (Medium) IMG_1844 (Medium) IMG_1852 (Medium) IMG_1864 (Medium)




18 thoughts on “The world as I see it

  1. A post that is chock full of scenery, sharing heart warming memories, with some action and comedy mixed in.. Great job !!! Btw you are as awful as I am with the chicken hahaha.. This post made me miss my longhaul years, until I got to the temp pic.. 104f at 4am !!! And in mt or pt it’s even earlier ! Even good A/C doesn’t help when you have to get out and fuel, which you needed to do soon.. Open the door and BAM, a brick wall of heat.. lol.. but I do miss the not so hot times of the year out there..
    Vinny is a great actor.. and loves chicken probably as much as Stewie does..

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    1. I was broke down when I took that pic. We were just outside Kansas city, and the tow took 3 hrs to get there. I took Vinny into a corn field beside the highway that had their watering system on! The wrecker driver was pissed that I was soaking wet in his truck!


  2. What’s not to love about those mountains, those skies, the clouds and that road stretched out like a ribbon in front of you. Long may this world live for us all to enjoy and long may Vinnie do the chicken dance! The Bean is very jealous ….

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