I know your out there somewhere…

“The words that I remember, from my childhood still are true.  That there’s none so blind as those who will not see.  And to those who lack the courage, and say it’s dangerous to try.  Well, they just don’t know that love eternal will not be denied,” 

Those lyrics come from my favorite Moody Blues song.  I want so badly to believe they are true.  Love eternal is the one thing that has eluded me all of my life to this point.  I thought I found it once, only to have my hopes and dreams dashed against the rocks of reality.

Eternal_Love_by_m3_k3But what is love eternal?  How do you know you’ve found it?  How do you measure it?  I know what I feel when I see a woman I am attracted to.  But is that just  a physical reaction based on my perceptions of beauty?    What about the qualities that I find most compatible to my own?  Can you truly quantify the attributes, or is it “chemistry” that sets one woman apart from another?  I have met women who are truly beautiful to my eyes, but fall far short in the views about daily life that I hold to be the truth.  Am I holding all women to a standard that is unattainable?  I guess I’m not sure.

I think I need to start with what I hold to be the things that I want the most out of this short life that we are given.  I want to be as independent as I can be, free from the encumbrances of modern society.  I want to live a simple life without the daily grind of satisfying the corporation that holds our future monetary stability in their hands.  I want to sail around the world and see other countries and cultures.  I want to meet like minded people and share in the experiences they have accumulated over their travels.  I want to feel like I belong.

Cape-Horn-can-be-rough.-Pebs-at-the-wheel_MBelong to what?  I want to belong to a group of people who feel comfortable in there own skin.  People who feel that their destiny is truly in their own hands, not in some hope or prayer.  You can’t control everything that happens to you, but you can try to prepare for the worst, and adapt to the rest.  Then, if something happens that you can’t fix, at least you know you did your best.

I want adventure.  I want to take risks that most people would never think of doing.  I don’t want to think back when I’m old and say “I wish I had done this or that”.  I want to spend the rest of my life living, not just existing.  I told my mother I wanted someone to find me dead on my boat with a note attached to my chest saying, “Just drop me off the side, and the boat is yours!”  I want to know I lived life to the fullest, and did something most people would never do.

Is there a woman who feels the same way I do?  I bet there is, I just haven’t met her yet.  I guess this is a call for such a woman to make an appearance into my life.  I want so much to have a partner to share this experience with.  My best friend “Vinny” won’t be there when I sail off to my future, but there will be another.  I just hope there will also be a human partner to share all the adventure and beauty of the world with me.

“I know your out there somewhere.  I know I’ll find you somehow, and somehow I’ll return again to you!”






17 thoughts on “I know your out there somewhere…

  1. Poignant post. There sure is someone out there for you and when you least expect it she will turn up. Be yourself, love life, dream big, take risks and who never know what, or who, you’ll find around the corner. I wish you all good things.

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  2. Follow that dream! You are one of those that has the opportunity and if she is out there you will find her meanwhile do what suits you! Help those who need it and continue to be kind and let God lead you! Safe travels, weird guy!

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  3. Keep the dream alive. Keep being true to your own self. I waited until I was 51 and all of a sudden there he was. He was 59 and all of a sudden there I was. What it is, I can’t tell you. Is he physically what I imagined. Probably not. Did I EVER think I would fall for a scientist. No. I was always attracted to artists and writers. But putting my right brain, left brain prejudices to one side he is every bit the creative and he is a dreamer and we do love the same things and aspire to the same life. She is there, my friend and when you find her she will love Vinnie and whoever comes after Vinnie. The biggest surprise to my husband and his friends and family is how much he loves The Bean. Why? Because she loves me and that is enough for him. So keep dreaming, keep being the wonderful person you are and all of a sudden she will be there and you will be there for her.

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  4. I am sure you will meet the woman of your dreams when you least expect it. I have noticed that I am attracted to the natural scent of a man and it can be overwhelming. My colleagues were laughing at me when working at an information desk. A regular dude came along and I was my usual helpful self but when the next guy came along, my body language changed remarkably and I draped myself sinuously across the desk (to his delight), Curiously, I was completely oblivious to my reaction. Keep your mind open to unusual possibilities – sometimes differences can keep the magic alive because you are always intrigued. Keep us posted – 🙂

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  5. At least you’re in the right kind of work for ppl who don’t feel rooted geographically.. Unfortunately, that edge ends there.. Our industry is very diverse in types of ppl behind the wheel.. The closest many of us get to the ocean is delivering or picking up at a port terminal.. I do believe you’ve greatly improved your chances by posting this.. Which was a great idea.. But I know you know and you know I have to say it anyhow..
    Be careful.. yada yada yada.. all the cautionary things.. yada yada yada.. We barely get to know, with a high degree of certainty, ppl in real life over time.. Don’t get caught off guard.. And don’t settle for less than “the love of your life dream”.. But, if you find what you want in a partner unachievable, then its time to reevaluate the dream love you have in mind, without compromising who you are and your convictions.. I hope you find her, you have much in heart and adventure to share..

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  6. The sailing is a specific but you find a sailing lady with a kind and adventurous spirit and I think the other traits will follow naturally..
    Maybe poking around in sailing chatsites, websites, clubs ? Have you tried that ?

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  7. Remind me to kick u in the pants ! Didn’t know I was in the pic !!! I really don’t like my pic taken.. bet its a good pic of Stewie, he’s pretty photogenic ..
    Yes ur a fish out of water but she probably will be too when u find each other.. unless u don’t find her til u get the boat.. and wouldn’t it be awesome for u and her if u met preboat.. no matter how big it is the high sea can make all things seem small.. if u picked it out together all individual considerations could be made with compromise for u both.. just my 2 cents..

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      1. Lol poor Stewie has that look most of the time, its just his natural look.. haven’t seen the pic yet but when I do will decide how many kick in the pants u get.. ur getting at least one for not cropping me out. . Pics of Stewie are always good or funny.. 😊

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