Find your inspiration, before the candle goes out!

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“And all the roads we have to walk are winding, and all the lights that lead the way are blinding.  There are many things I would like to say to you, but I don’t know how.”  (Wonderwall,  by the band Oasis)

There are many things that inspire me.  Music, the beauty of nature, kind people, my pets, family and many others.  But, there’s one thing that stands out from the others, and that’s words.  Words can soothe a crying child, instill courage in soldiers, topple nations, incite violence, induce calm.  Words can create religions, expose dictators, punish criminals, but most of all, words make people think.

Have you ever read two articles about the same subject, and had conflicting feelings about the subject due to the way it was presented with words?  How about the term “Cult of personality.”  What does that term bring to your mind, other that the song by Living Colour.  It’s amazing how someone can control so many people with just words.

Jim JonesDo you remember Jim Jones?  If you don’t, click the link before you read more.  As a sane (i hope) person, you question how anyone would follow such a man to the point of killing your own children and yourself just because he said to?  How can words, spoken by the smoothest politician, make people faint at a rally?  The very same words, spoken by another, could be called hate speech.  What is it about words that is so powerful?

As I write more on this blog, I think/hope I am getting better at it.  I must say I feel a little hamstrung, due to my lack of vocabulary and grammar skills, but I think I get my point across. I heard someone say that everyone has at least one book in them.  I think maybe that is true.  My sister has written two, and I hope she can get published someday.  I think mine will come out of my future plans aboard a sailboat.

CandleAs I drive down the highways of America, I spend many hours just thinking about my past, present and my future.  I see the analogy of a candle.  When first lit, it gives off a very dull light.  Over time, the light grows brighter and more steady.  At the end, the wick looses the controlling influence of the wax.  It gets brighter and brighter just before going out.  It’s so like a human life.  We start out life very dependent on others, then grow and learn to keep things in control for ourselves.  At the end, just when our skills and wisdom have reached their zenith, we die.  Such is the way of all things.

With that analogy in mind, everyone should start when they are young to figure out what inspires them, and find a way to build your life around it.  I feel I wasted my first 50 years of my life by not seeking out a way of life that is truly fulfilling.  I spent too much time trying to fit into this or that societal mold.  Could I have made a living writing?  I think not, but I would have had a creative outlet for the pressures I went through, instead of the path that I followed.  At least I now have a focus and a goal for the next 30 or so years.






5 thoughts on “Find your inspiration, before the candle goes out!

  1. My number one rule in life is NO REGRETS!! There is no point and many authors don’t reach their zenith until later in life. I didn’t even become sexy until I was over 50 – what’s that about? My cousin says I am Benjamin Button. 🙂

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