A respite, even brief, is still a respite

truck snowTraveling by truck is very tiring.  An average day is 12 to 14 hours long, 600 miles or better, and full of stress.  Today was no different.  I made my 3 delivery’s and started down I35 from Minnesota towards Iowa for my next load.   It had been snowing off and on for a couple hours, but as I entered Iowa, BAM!  HEAVY snow and strong cross winds made driving treacherous!   With my trailer empty, I felt the drive tires of my tractor start to slide into a “Jackknife”  several time due to the light weight and high winds.  Truckers call that feeling,  “The clench!”  I think you know what I mean!  By the time my day was over, I was pretty tired.

logo1I ended my day in Waterloo Iowa at a Walmart.  Most of these stores don’t mind if a truck or two overnight in an out of the way spot on their property.  Thank You Walmart!  After doing a little shopping, I went to find a place to eat as I was to tired to cook in the truck.  After a little searching, I found the HyVee Market Grill.  I walked past it at first, as it was a small cafe inside a grocery store.  I thought, how good could that be!  Boy was I wrong.  I had a Monte Cristo club sandwich that was superb.  The spiced apple chutney was a great contrast to the egg dipped bread.  I thought the service was good until I started to pay attention to all the servers and their interactions with the guests.

First let me say, I am from New England, and the “PC” police have just about taken over the entire 5 state area.  Even though I am not a religious person, our country was founded with religion in mind.  The freedom of speech and religion are part of the foundation that this nation stands on.  In my lifetime I have seen people back away from saying something as simple as “Merry Christmas” in favor of “Happy Holidays” so as not to “Offend” someone of another belief.  It seems to me, if you were truly a spiritual person, no matter what faith, and truly tolerant of others beliefs, those words would cause no offense.  In my humble opinion, the people who complain the most, seem to be the most intolerant people!

I’m happy to say that here in Iowa, this is not the case.  I heard several employees of the Market Grill wish a Merry Christmas to customers, and receive the same in return.  I know that’s not that much, but it was still refreshing to hear.  It’s called being polite, and it’s another thing severely lacking in today’s society.  I admit, there was a time when I was just as rude and inconsiderate as many people I meet daily.  As I have grown older, I realize just how much that can magnify an already bad day for the person receiving the slight, as well as the person giving it.  Negative begets negative.

Let me end this post by saying, Thank You to the employees at the HyVee Market Grill for my brief but refreshing respite from the toils of daily life, and all the others out there that won’t give in to the ridiculous nature of the truly intolerant people of this country.  I think we all know who they are!


6 thoughts on “A respite, even brief, is still a respite

  1. Stay safe safe safe and happy happy happy for Christmas. I sincerely wish you the most wonderful of celebrations. YOu have been such a great find this year. I love reading your words and my mouth is actually dribbling at the thought of that sandwich! Incidentally I was brought up to believe that ‘manners maketh man’ – the greatest sadness of my life is how that mantra is ebbing away in the collective consciousness more and more quickly.

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