Take a moment to think

Its 10 am, I just drove 200 miles, and now its time for a break.  I hope everyone is having a good day so far, and I thought I would offer a different persective on this day.  As you enjoy watching your wide eyed kids open their presents, I want you to think…  As you enjoy the presence of your family and friends, some you may not have seen all year, I want you to think…  When you sit down to enjoy all the great food and drinks, the laughter and screaming from the kids, I want you to think… When you sit back on your lazy boy, burping and farting, making the kids laugh, I want you to think…

All those presents your kids open, were once on a truck.  All the cars that brought your friends and family to see you, were once on a truck. All the food and drink you consumed, was once on a truck.  That recliner and sofa you lay back on, was once on a truck.  Do you see the picture here?  Where would you be without all the trucks on the road that the media loves to demonize, people love to complain about, cut us off then give us the one finger sign like we did something wrong.  Of course there are poor drivers out here, but not all of us.  Some of us really care.  Some of us are out here today, delivering the things you will need tomorrow.  The Alka-Seltzer for your hangover, the asprin for your headache, the trash bags for the cleanup, the Imodium for the … Lets not forget the carpet cleaner, the Thank You cards and everything else you can think of.  All brought to you on a truck. 

So the next time you see a trucker yield to you, allow you the space to merge, pull far enough in front of you before pulling back in, I want you to thank them.  When a truck blocks the street trying to back into a difficult dock, don’t blow your horn.  Have a little patience, and thank them.  Remember, we are in this together.


9 thoughts on “Take a moment to think

  1. When I first started driving (a few decades ago) I can remember drivers and truckers being much more polite with each other. Often I would let a trucker in to my lane and would get a tap on the brake lights as a thank you…ditto if it went the other way, a trucker might flash his/her lights to show I had enough room to get in front of them and I would thank them as well. Now? Not so much…we are all less polite and in more of a hurry. I still try to be polite, but it’s not always reciprocated.
    Thank you for bringing me my wine. I have a feeling it’s going to appreciated today. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Thank you! I once wanted to be a truck driver, after riding in my Uncle J,R. ‘s rig at the age of 9. But alas it was not meant to be. I just did not have the awesome skills it takes. I am amazed at how some truckers can back those trailers in to such tight spaces. Stay safe and I hope you had a good Christmas!

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  3. Brilliantly written and perfectly well said. As you know I am a defender of the truck driver BUT most people are not. For this reason, I have re-posted your piece on my FaceBook page where I have a much bigger audience (all over the world). Though I actually don’t like it as a medium I find it a necessary evil and use it to try and make people think in an unthinking, selfish and self-congratulatory world. You have all my best wishes for the season and my unfettered gratitude for what you give to me and to everyone I know.

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  4. … Osyth steered me to your blog …. think that is because I also drive … have spent some time, and have read several of your posts, enjoable to read…. you are right it is very important to find a company that is a fit for you and also a dispatcher that realizes that you are also a human being and treats you like one …. being Canadian, out of the Vancouver area, ran 10 provinces and 48 states, the most curtious on the whole, 4 wheelers to big trucks, and it amazed me every time I’ve been there is the San Fran bay area and LA … and they have 55 limit for big trucks and 65 for 4 wheeler … that traffic flows around you like a river flows around a rock, you want to change lanes, blinker on and a space opens beside you, none of this squeeze up tight to make sure the truck does not get in front …

    You are so right in the lack of association between the demand for goods and how they got there …. if you bought it, a truck brought it ….people do not realize that highways are alive at night no matter what the weather, providing next day service, fresh produce, etc etc as you so well described …

    Will have to bookmark your blog and return and read more of your muses and adventures



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