Good morning Virginia

Just a few pics I snapped this morning.

IMG_2336 (Medium)A little blurry, but still…WOW!

IMG_2338 (Medium)

IMG_2217 (Medium)

IMG_2242 (Medium)

I love the mornings!


16 thoughts on “Good morning Virginia

      1. Sometimes we all need a little buoyancy aid and one of the things I have gained from blogging is a little community of people that I can breath a bit of positive energy on when needed and who do the same when I’m bluer than I’d care to be. So let me send some kindness and lightness and smiles your way and the wish that you feel more hopeful than hopeless 🙂

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  1. I’m in Fla !!! The high was 67f and I did yard work most of the day, it was fun and Stewie has had the run of our yard for 2 days and he’s lovin it.. Gotta leave for SC in the morning to head up to Hannaford (burrrrrr).. Hope the snows gone before I get there Lol..
    Beautiful pics.. but I expect no less from you.. You have spoiled me..

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  2. I like the load to Mack, they are always so nice !!! I didn’t think we could park at that Walmart.. I picked a prescription there a few months ago and they said it was ok to shop but not park overnight.. it was about 5 miles from Mack, I think.. I usually go across Humboldt to the end.. there’s a great pond there, too cold now I’m sure, but spring and summer, on of Stewie’s best swimming spots..

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