A Drive in Maine…Brrrrrrr

I left Bangor Maine this morning and started up RT 9 going to Baileyville to pick up a load of pulp from a mill there, then down I95 and the Maine Turnpike to Kennebunk.   RT 9, or “The Airline” as Mainers call it, has a long history, and you can read all about it here.  It’s a wonderful road in the summer, but I think it’s much nicer in the winter…provided it’s not snowing!  Here’s a few pictures as I made my way thru another beautiful day in Maine!

IMG_2698 (Medium)

IMG_2723 (Medium)

IMG_2725 (Medium)

IMG_2730 (Medium)

IMG_2752 (Medium)

A little slippery here!

IMG_2760 (Medium)

IMG_2759 (Medium)

Below zero wind chill!

IMG_2764 (Medium)

IMG_2769 (Medium)

IMG_2790 (Medium)

IMG_2858 (Medium)

Almost done!

IMG_2889 (Medium)

Days over, Goodnight Maine!

IMG_2931 (Medium)















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