Going West

An afternoon ride along Interstate 80  in Pennsylvania.

IMG_3047 (Medium)

IMG_3051 (Medium)

IMG_3053 (Medium)

IMG_3055 (Medium)

IMG_3068 (Medium)

IMG_3071 (Medium)

IMG_3078 (Medium)


9 thoughts on “Going West

  1. You need to take some responsibility here. Responsibility for the fact that I now have a map of the USA on the wall so that I can understand the geography of where you (and other’s I value like Pan) are talking about. It’s OK – you can be responsible because I’m really loving the armchair exploring 🙂

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  2. When I drive from my French home to visit my mother in England it is 675 miles. Given that in Great Britain the two furthest points (John O’Groats and Lands End) are 837 miles apart it seems like a heck of a long way! I hope the roads will be kind to you 🙂

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  3. 😂 Are you a truck driver Lady Dickson ?
    Cloud porn would be something a driver out here would think..
    Mahencha likes the 1st and 3rd.. My favs are 6&7.. just goes to show ya that you have wide appeal with photos too !

    Osyth 💛 I value you and your wonderful blog too.. So glad you have a U.S. map.. I’m down here in Georgia.. I was able to drive to Pennsylvania and shut down to wait out the storm til yesterday 😊
    Hopefully this side of winter will zip right into spring..

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