A Truckers Promise

I promise to deliver the paper for textbooks so your children can learn to be contributing citizens of this country, and then read bedtime stories to their kids to inspire dreams of unicorns and galaxy’s far far away.

I promise to deliver the medicines, bandages and blankets to the hospitals so that cancer patients can receive their treatment’s along with the warmth and comfort they need during their darkest hours.

I promise to deliver the wreaths to the cemeteries of fallen soldiers so they may be honored for their sacrifices, voluntarily given to insure the freedoms that so many in this country slander and take for granted.

I promise to deliver the food to soup kitchens and food pantry’s so others not as fortunate as I can have a good meal.

I promise to deliver the wood and nails used to build housing for those who cannot afford a home of their own.

I promise to captain this land bound vessel in a safe and courteous manner irregardless of other peoples race, creed or color, and with no thought of political beliefs, religion or lifestyle choices. All I ask is the same in return, for on the highway, All Lives Matter!

I promise to vote my conscience not a party, in the hopes our next president will steer us away from the unsustainable “freeway” we are on, full of potholes of empty promises, and lined with barren money trees, and lead us down the turnpike where we only spend what the toll booths take in, and we can see and feel where the money went!

(Soapbox creaking as I step off)


23 thoughts on “A Truckers Promise

  1. Beautifully put and such an important sentiment for people to take on board. I love the last paragraph – we are indeed on a road full of potholes filled with empty promises. But we CAN change that if we will 🙂

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    1. With the “Divider in Chief” we have now, it’s no wonder the party’s can’t agree on anything. The vitriol on Facebook is nauseating at best, and I think dramatic change is in order. In case nobody has figured it out by now, I am a Librarian at heart. 🙂

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      1. I do but I also like the disguise of calling myself a Librarian in certain situations! So thank you – it’s a keeper! 🙂 But I do agree with everything you said …. FaceBook is horrendous … ignorami belting out bigotry and fools jumping onto bandwagons without giving any thought to what they are doing – it encourages the worst sort of pack mentality and it discourages actual reading, digesting and thinking about issues. The faster we move, the more blurred the background and the more leverage to the filth that we foolishly elect. There is an opportunity to make things better …. I can only hope and remain as human-kind as I possibly can be and then some. Except when that woman in the carpark at Shaws nearly drove over my foot yesterday. Then I wasn’t human-kind, I was an enraged BISON!!

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