Tides Of Life

Like oceans blue, tides of life ebb and flow
Motion without end, the waves come forth
At first gentle, gathering power and strength
Searching for paths, a way forward

As time passes, rocks and sand give way
The waves grow, nothing can contain them
At highest tide, all bend to their will
Confident are they, secure in their knowledge

Slowly waves ebb, their influence wanes
Releasing their hold, strength becomes wisdom
Clear are the footsteps, left in the sand
Soon washed away by the tides of life


12 thoughts on “Tides Of Life

      1. I come from a Naval family so my water fixation is explained right there. I think the Ocean=mystery, adventure, exploration in a way that nothing else quite is and you, fella are clearly an explorer!

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  1. I can see that you are longing for your boat… It was a lovely piece. I really love water despite my fear of it and can still recall being on a very unsteady boat in the Pacific looking with wonder at whales. My delight took over and I braced myself to take photographs.

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  2. I have a fixation for water too.. I carry at least 3 gallons of water in the truck and usally its more like 7 gallons.. I never want to be stranded without water.. You could say its my inner fixation..
    And I love sitting on the riverbank or bank of the brook.. I find it very calming πŸ‘
    Not so much the ocean.. The crashing waves are soothing.. But too many crabs have dangled from my toes and you know those small jellyfish that look like floating stockings ? After I accidentally swallowed one in a wave that caught me off guard while I was raft riding the wave and fell off, that was the last straw.. The ickiest part was I was picking jellyfish from inbetween my teeth.. Ewwwwwwwww

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  3. I find this fascinating!!! I am 42 years old and have lived with chronic depression since I was a small child. I have had a lot of experience with mental illness as it runs in my family. I have a saying that helps me through the dark moments, and the god damn awful days.
    “Life (and depression) is like the ocean, a series of peaks and troughs. You can only be on a trough for so long. You just have to keep riding those waves!” Jo. X

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