You Just Never Know

I’ve seen a lot of crazy things while driving a truck. I’ve seen drunk drivers, distracted drivers, INSANE drivers, and just about anything else you can think of. Last week a man passed me while “Taking care of business” if you know what I mean. It’s a sick, twisted, stupid world we live in.

Today, I left Maine after visiting my parents for 2 days. I brought another driver with me so I could drop him at a truck that needed to be recovered and brought back to Maine. The driver had not quit or abandoned the truck, she was involved in an accident. Follow this link and read before you continue. Traffic Accident.

The story does not tell the whole truth. What really happened is a suicide by truck. The pedestrian waited for the truck to be right before him, then ran in front of it. I know this because the driver of that truck was a friend of mine.

I cant imagine how she feels today. It’s not her fault this person felt his life was so bad it needed to end, but that’s not going to help her at this time. My thoughts are with her and the family of that man, in the hopes that all come through this ok.


14 thoughts on “You Just Never Know

  1. Some people consider and some don’t care, what they’ve left behind or who they’ve involved when they commit suicide.. When someone dies in front of you, it doesn’t matter that you’re not at fault.. The image is seared regardless..
    My heart and prayers goes out to our driver for being forced into this tragedy..
    And for anyone who loved that man has to live with what he’s done..
    He thought he had the solution.. What he didn’t believe, is that tomorrow may have revealed a better one..

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  2. It is indeed a sick, insane,crazy world we live in. And I can’t even begin to imagine the grief that poor truck driver must be in the depths of, not to mention the family of the man who thought the only way out was what he did. My heart goes out in sympathy. I will never understand the actions of some people. Ever.

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  3. My goodness!! My late husband (who was also a big rig driver) told me lots of stories of the road, and the things he saw, and the accidents he witnessed/was involved in time to time; but never that. That poor driver. And my own view of suicide is that the ‘victim’ is a coward. Another blog for another time on that though. Wow. I hope your driver friend gets some counseling about that whole episode.

    On the taking care of business remark, was he peeing or doing something with someone else while driving? I’m salacious, I admit it. And I was guilty of that second thing a time or two when I was young and stupid…. Those drivers got a show though!! 😀 😉

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  4. How desperately sad – I can’t imagine what your friend is going through …. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy if I had one. She will run through and through and through that moment in her waking and sleeping mind trying to make it play differently. Of course it can’t play differently. He made sure of that. And those that loved him … they have to live forever more with the questions – what could they have done differently playing his life over and over and over again in their waking and sleeping minds to find a clue as to why and what they could have done to stop it. And the only one with any peace is the Timothy Sheridon of Stamford. He’s gone but he has left the most destructive and I’m afraid utterly selfish legacy behind him. His desperation is now tatooed on the lives of all those others and they will be scarred by it for the rest of theirs. I am so so sorry.

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  5. Btw, I read the news report link and it made me angry.. Just as per normal for the media, they incorrectly reported it as car vs semi.. Even though our driver knows what happened and that it was a desperate to end life pedestrian, she still would read that it was a car and that the report only vaguely suggested something other than her truck being at fault.. There isn’t much leeway in holding media outlets liable for inaccurate reporting.. Not that the story they wrote would be cause for a suit.. But how many stories have been reported with false statements and incorrect identities that made someone’s life a living hell ? Sandy Hook is the most recent in my memory.. The news for hours after the murders reported it was the brother, not Adam Lanza, that committed that henious act..
    No one should be subject to the media abuse of not getting thier facts straight before blurting out stories filled with inaccuracies.. They rush to bring breaking news and don’t care who they hurt, all for the almighty dollar.. That’s a crime in my opinion..

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