No Second Chances. 

I had to post this after reading it. What a first post to put on a blog!


The last couple of days have been rough, really rough. I won’t go into the gory details but it has been a couple of days filled with lots of tears. Lots of soggy tissues and lots of panda eyes. Two days where my depression was clearly winning! But something happened yesterday that snapped me out of my despair and back to the harsh reality.

I spoke to my younger sister last night, who had a horrific experience yesterday. This got me to thinking about death and my own mortality. My sister saw things and heard things that no one should ever have to see or hear. She was witness to a horrific, totally tragic and totally preventable motorbike accident. That killed a young man, almost instantly. She knelt next to a young man, talking to him, while he took his last, very shallow, breaths. Checked for a pulse. Waited for…

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2 thoughts on “No Second Chances. 

  1. Thanks for sharing that post.. Although it was a tough one to get through..
    I couldn’t help but notice the blog name and I think the author will draw interest with that name.. I don’t know anyone who can resist popping bubblewrap.. She chose a really good name for the blog..

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