A Matter Of Time

When you look at this old house, what do you see? Do you see an eyesore, something to be torn down and rebuilt? That’s not what I see.

I see an old man with gnarled hands and a weathered brow. Cutting every board with precision, fitting every piece together with skill and craftsmanship. Using great care to construct the best house he has ever built. He pours all of his wisdom, experience and his pride into this home. He does this because he wants to pass this down to his son. He wants him to have something he didn’t have when he was young. His blood and sweat hidden beneath a facade of plaster and paint, a testament to his hopes and dreams of the future, and a legacy to show his passing in this world was not in vain.

His son, having learned many things from the father, maintains the house, fixes the roof, paints the walls. He does his best to retain the vision his father saw while building this house. As times have changed, and values are different, he still see’s the wisdom in the way the house was built. When changes are needed, updates applied, the vision endures, the house stands strong. As he raises his son in the house he was born in, the hope for the future, and the legacy of his father still reside within it’s walls.

The grandson grows, and acquires the house. Having learned nothing from the father or grandfather, the house falls into disrepair. The paint fades, the plaster cracks, and eventually the house is abandoned. The grandson does not see the vision of his grandfather, the wisdom and truth to what he built. He wont look closely at the quality of the construction, the remarkable skill and truth in the old house. Instead of making improvements, he wants to abandon the house and start over.

And now I ask you again, what do you see when you look at this old house? I see the United States. I see our founding fathers, fresh from the shackles of tyranny and oppression, building what will be the foundation of this nation, the house we will all live in. I see the sons, of which few remain, trying to retain the vision set forth by the grandfathers, the wisdom and simplicity of the original dream crushed under the onslaught of the grandson’s folly. Hiding behind words like “Progress” and made up phrases like “Social Justice”, the house falls into disrepair. Outside forces threaten to change the very foundation this country was founded on, liberties revoked, controls forced upon us. The shackles of a past monarchy show themselves again.

My hope for the future is a return to the principles this country was founded on. Life, liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness. Nothing in this life is free. Promises of politicians are just words to garner votes. They know they will never live up to them, and they don’t care. There is no free healthcare, free collage, or anything else promised to gain power. The government has no money, it must be taken from the people. When do we reach the point that there are to few to support the many? The ridiculous “Robin Hood” theory is nothing but taking from the rich to give to the poor. That’s called socialism, and it never works. Eventually the rich leave the country, just like in France. Now what do we do?

I believe you get out of this life what you put into it. Some people never get ahead for many reasons. Sometimes their own fault, sometimes not. I believe in helping my direct neighbors if I can. If everyone did the same, there would be no need for welfare in this country, no need to take from me and give to others. If I help my neighbor build a fence, or fix his roof, I hope to receive the same in return. If it’s not returned, they will not get anything from me again. It’s that simple. You must be willing to take a chance and hope for the best. We all live or die by the way we treat each other. If we don’t learn to help and support one another, this country dies. It’s just a matter of time.



32 thoughts on “A Matter Of Time

  1. Pure capitalist eh? Not really agreein with yas on much other than our country is broken, only I’m gettin’ to the point where I don’t think it is fixable. The disease goes deeper than capitalist/socialist divide. The whole world is broken, we just gotta make the best of it.

    Also, I wanna go pokin’ around that old house, just my sort of thing.

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      1. well, you *could* chose to hurl slurs, insults or whatever in response to someone disagreeing with you, that is freedom of speech. Likewise I could mock you for it, that too is freedom of speech. However I like (and prefer) that you’re a decent person, choosing to engage in civil discourse to exercise your freedom of speech, rather than acting the buffon.

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  2. This is a perfect analogy for the human condition as it has evolved and supposedly progressed in my life-time. I entirely agree – the simple fact is that we get out what we put in at some level and the issues that surround all developed countries just now (I can speak for the UK and France with some authority and can only speak as an observer here in the US) is the sense of entitlement that people seem to have. I am not a capitalist. Far from it actually. But I do know that without hard work, I am not entitled. And without being decent to everyone whose path I cross, I do not deserve to be treated with decency and without integrity I cannot expect any integrity in return.

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    1. It’s so true. It also means if you dont agree with them, your a racist, a homophobe or some other label use to shut you down. When I posted this, I put a link on Facebook, and I was immediately booted from some groups that have to do with Sailing. I see from his profile, the moderator is very liberal and a republican bashed. So much for civil conversation. I stand by my post.

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      1. You see the smartest people I know are not blindly one party or another and not chest thumpers either. The smartest people I know understand that although there are many people who really need to be helped and should be that there are many more who can and should help themselves. As I said, I am far from being a bigot. I like to think I am human-kind but I also think that it is essential for people to take responsibility for themselves. I have four daughters aged 20-29 and they have all supported themselves since the age of 18. Of course I help where I can but the greatest help I could give them was to empart a work ethic and to let them understand that want is not the same as need and that if you want something the best way to get it is to build it yourself πŸ™‚

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      2. There’s something to be said for doing it yourself. You gain a real appreciation for what it takes to actually produce something. Sadly, manufacturing in America has gone to China and Mexico because we demand cheap goods, and then we condemn the companies for exploiting the workers!

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      3. The Chinese now manufacture most things for most people in most countries. France actually remains more immune, the U.K. has sold out most of its manufacturing and wonders why its economy is so fragile. Making things yourself be it food, clothes or houses gives you so much more in terms of valuing the article and valuing self. Of course I would live self sufficiently in an isolated place in a heartbeat …. Which makes me weird in many people’s eyes πŸ˜‰

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      4. The best education is life experience …. many of the smartest people I know are supposedly uneducated. The boat won’t sink – it will be a buoyant little haven that takes you to better worlds πŸ™‚

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  3. What a beautiful old place. I’m sure the neglect and abandonment have rendered it uninhabitable though, would cost more than it’s worth to restore it, but ah! In the realm of fantasies and day dreams – to have the money to go about restoring such history! How would it be? Bliss. And I liked the tie in with the ‘state of America’ as we, of a certain generation, are seeing it right now. The entitlement, ‘me’ attitude and general lack of love for history and old things – must always have new, better, best..have made us a nation of doddering old fools who didn’t pass along the torch of heritage, and pride in our lineage and things that our ancestors treasured because we never lit it. Thank you for posting this. It dovetails a bit with the post I’m preparing to write. And thank you for posting a picture of that lovely old house, where the ghosts of past splendor and glory come to dance.

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      1. My dream is to one day buy an old farm house, maybe an old vineyard, in Tuscany, Italy. I would renovate it and have a veggie garden and live there alone, with my 37 cats!!! I would die a happy, old lady!! 😁😁😁😁😁


  4. The world’s problems are thousands of years old.. World powers come and go and cultivate new crops of hunger, poverty and bloodshed.. They are hardy crops that keep on giving.. Famine and other natural disasters feed and fertilize those crops even more.. But the farmers of these crops are human.. And eventually they do reap what they sow and are deposed for the next group of world powers to take their place..
    In my eyes the world has only changed in population, communication and sciences..
    And all three of those things feed the crops of woes rather than fix them.. All the problems remain the same because human nature has remained the same..
    I find that a very sad testament for our species..
    I help the best I can for the people I can help.. Other than that, I’m not going to change the world.. in fact when someone does come along and can bring the world under one safe umbrella, I think people should look very closely for the cracks that would reveal what’s behind the mask of their altruism..

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  5. Curious conception of “socialism” you describe. A common misconception, unfortunately. What you’ve written is actually a perfect description of American Capitolism: a system that deliberately transfers the control and means of production into the hands of a few, thereby making the many (our 99%) dependent on – indeed enslaved by – those few.
    True Socialism, in contrast, seeks to keep control of resources and production in the hands of all, so that all may make the most of their efforts and talents to the degree that they do not impinge on the rights of others to do the same.
    The phrase “… life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is, in fact, an apt description of classic socialism, as envisioned by our founding “grand fathers”.
    If – as you suggest – you are a believer in the intent of this country’s founders, you would have to be a socialist too.
    Which I am, by the way. πŸ˜‰ Enjoying your writing.


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