Buy Me Some Time

You know the saying. Do this or that to buy some time. I know what they mean, but you can’t actually buy time, right? Of course not. But it can be given to you.

You only get so much time for your “Life”, and there’s no way to know how much that is. So how can it be given to you? When you help someone with something, a chore or a task, you shorten the time it took for them to do it. In essence, you gave them some time and lost some of your own. If they return the favor, for the same amount of time, you got it back, right? Time can be given in this context.

We go through life trading time for everything. Sleeping takes time, so does eating. If we did neither, we would lose more time than the actual amount needed to perform either task. So, you lost time that you can’t get back. Is there anything we can do to increase our time?

They say exercise and eating healthy will increase our lifetime. Are we sure? What if you left the gym, ate a nice salad while resting at a beautiful park, then you were hit and killed by a car on the way home. There are to many variables to say anything will increase life, only odds and statistics to base those theories on.

I think time is the most important thing in your life, and should not be given recklessly, or without forethought. Every minute of time you give may not be returned. That’s not to say we shouldn’t give any, just make sure it counts. Choose carefully and use it to benefit someone that will understand and appreciate the value of the gift you give. You can’t help everyone, so make it personal. Start with those closest to you then branch out.

Giving this way makes it worth the “Lost” time as you can see the benefit of your gift. Sending a check to a charity will never give you the same satisfaction as giving away the most precious thing you will ever have to someone that matters in your life, and that’s time.


38 thoughts on “Buy Me Some Time

  1. Worth my time to read.. And I’m very selfish and select with my time..
    I take time out for 2 reasons.. To help myself and to help others.. Reading choice pieces, is me helping me.. Thank you for your time writing some of those pieces

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  2. Kutztown is a playground for Stewie and I.. I’m sure you and Vinny have covered the same ground we have there 😄
    And Wegmans is 10 minutes away from you 😮
    I’m not at the property because the storm caught me with too little “time” to start the generator door.. But I think it turned out better this time off up here.. I just needed some downtime for just me, no deadlines or projects to juggle.. And Stewie is his same patient self, just happy whether we’re outside kickin up the snow or inside happily lounging lazily as only he can.. Or chasing his eek eek toy under the furniture, he does love it when I toss it around 😄

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      1. Every year at Lent, I share this with someone I know who is doing something ultimately selfish whether it be abstaining from alcohol, chocolate or whatever. The only person that benefits is them. They lose weight or detoxify and they feel smug about it. They should spend every weekend volunteering instead. Lecture over!

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      2. You keep lecturing lady! My biggest soapbox amongst so many because I’m opinionated old BAG is that if we were a bit more humankind rather than feeling so bluddy selfrighteous this whole mess of a world would benefit more than a little. Bah!!

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      3. Yesterday I was feeling proud of myself because of a stressful few days volunteering and getting endless grateful hugs and kisses in return. Then my regular Shriner’s guy comes up to chat to me and my heart sank because I knew he was collecting some child with a medical problem. A little girl came from Latin America with sunglasses on, I gave her a rodeo pin which made her smile and thought, ‘I am so selfish for yakking on about my bloody cataract when she was possibly facing blindness’.

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      4. We are all selfish and actually that is a good thing … if we don’t look after self then we end up needing to sap others rather than being able to give something to others. I’ll bet that little girl was really chuffed with what you did for her. It costs nothing to bring a smile to a face and smiles on that little face are really priceless just now because she may be facing a life time with no vision. If that is the case then the kindness of strangers becomes even more acute. If you did not have the support of others as you face your own trauma then you would not be in any shape to bring a smile to her. That’s the way it works. At least in my simple mind it is 🙂

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  3. a beautiful and timely post 🙂
    yes, time is the most precious gift we can give to ourselves and others. children know this more than anyone else, seeing parents buying themselves out of real time spent together with presents, which mean nothing at all…
    have a lovely week,

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  4. Time is the most ephemeral of gifts, the most precious and we should all, as Pan says give some back to ourselves (because if we are burned out husks we are no good to anyone else) and we should all give a bit to others – be it helping the man opposite who is struggling to dig out his driveway with a shovel, or by making him a cup of tea (OK coffee – its the US) while he digs. As for our four-leggeds …. they have no money to give so they just give of themselves whenever they are called on and wait patiently in the background when we are too busy to play

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  5. I feel like I’ve come into this conversation a tad late (must be the time difference in Australia) but regardless I agree with so many of the comments written here. And at the crux of it, a great post, so well written. Definitely worth my time. Thanks.

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