I Am Not Politically Correct…And I Don’t Care

I think this one post will make or break my blog, and I don’t care. I realized the other day that I was doing something I told myself never to do. I am trying to fit in with others instead of being myself. As I read comments on other blogs, I saw people stroking each others egos with compliments like “Well said”, or “Beautiful words” and the like. To me, the posts read like they sat down with the dictionary, and tried to cram as many obscure words into one post as they could, showing the world their complete grasp of the English language but saying nothing. I’m going to write like the laymen I am, and this post will be all me, like it or not.

I’m really tired. Tired of people being “Offended” over even the smallest slight, intentional or not. No one is willing to truly talk about anything controversial without name calling or mudslinging. I am going voice my opinion in this post, and we shall see if the comments, or lack thereof, prove my point.

This country is completely polarized politically. I think it has always been, to some extent, but the last few years it has become idiotic. We have a president that seams bent on dividing everyone into two groups. Those that agree with him, and the idiots that are the rest. Well I guess that makes me an idiot. I think he’s close to the worst President ever. And not because he’s black, elitism is colorblind and follows no party.

Why should I care if gay couples want to get married? They deserve the fun of a bitter divorce just like the rest of us. But I will also say, why is it wrong that a religious person, due to their beliefs, feel they can’t make a cake for the wedding as they think it would be supporting something against their beliefs? In this country, freedom of religion is part of what makes this country great. By suing those people, and destroying their lives, are you now doing to them the same thing the gay community has been fighting against, discrimination based on race, creed, religion or sexual orientation!

I think abortion is wrong, and I will never change my mind. But it is allowed by law, and laws should be upheld, changed or repealed, nothing in between. If I were president, it would be my job to uphold the laws that are in effect. I can’t pick and choose what ones I feel are worthy. That is for congress and the people to decide. I can express my opinion to the public, but no more. Trying to make law with “Executive Actions” is nothing more that trying to impose my presidential will over the people. Can you say Monarchy!

I value the bill of rights. I am exercising one of those rights with this post. I also exercise another with the guns that I own. I have no problem with the idea of background checks to purchase a gun. I don’t think felons and people with severe mental issues should have one, common sense right? You can spin it any way you want, but a human has to pull the trigger. It is a human mind that decides to kill someone with a gun, a knife or their bare hands. If you make it impossible to get a gun legally, only those willing to break the law will have them. But I do agree that you need to be responsible with them, never leaving them where a child or others can get to them. If someone dies due to your mistake, you are responsible, and you have to live with it.

Social Security and unemployment benefits are not welfare. You and your employer paid into that system, and you deserve the money. Extending unemployment benefits beyond the allotted time is welfare. Someone else has to pay for it. I don’t mind paying for people who really need help. Those that have no way of supporting themselves. But I don’t think you should get anything until you have exhausted all your own means. I don’t think welfare is meant to pay your mortgage or car payments. Sell the car to pay the mortgage. Sell the house and get an apartment. I’m sorry bad things happen, but such is life. You can buy more “stuff” later.

I know I’m not a racist. I don’t care what color you are, what country your from or what religion you follow. All I care about is how you treat me and whether or not you want to be a part of this country. You can’t come here illegally, and expect to be treated the same as all those who did it “by the book”, and then think you can set up your own mini country with your own rules and laws. That’s not how it works. We are a nation of immigrants yes, but you come here with the knowledge that you must integrate into society as a whole. Our laws become your laws. You can’t come here and think you can treat women like dogs, abuse your children and answer to no one. We don’t need new laws, just enforce the ones we have, then modify them if need be. No amount of “feel good” legislation is going to solve the problem. I agree there are many people here that are wonderful human beings. They love their wives and children and want nothing more than to live the “American dream”. To those people I say, thank you for being who you are, but what you did was wrong. If you leave now, you can start over legally and we will speed up the process based on how you were while here. You still go behind those trying the right way, but we will give you special consideration when you name comes up. I think that’s fair. We are not a sovereign nation without enforced borders and strict immigration laws.

There are two things I would love to see happen. A balanced budget amendment and term limits for congress. It’s time the elites moved on and let fresh minds enter. Without term limits, the “Sheeple” of this country fall for the same bullshit every time there is an election. Politicians say anything to get elected, and we all think “This time it will be different” or “He/She needs more time” or some other stupid line. One definition of insanity is doing the same exact thing over, and over, and expecting a different result! DUH!!!

Did you read about the collage in Connecticut that is talking about “Blacks Only” dorms? Are you kidding me? You want to go back to segregation? MLK would roll over in his grave if he heard that! Do we really need special rooms for students so they don’t have to hear something that offends them? Really? I say grow a set, get a life and get over it.

I don’t think we need to “Fundamentally Change” this country, unlike our currant president, but we could stop being so winey, stop trying to be so “Politically Correct” whatever that truly means, and just apply some common sense to these problems. Oh, I forgot. Common sense is not so common.

PS: I’m not running for office. I can’t stand either party!





53 thoughts on “I Am Not Politically Correct…And I Don’t Care

  1. As far as people’s words go Guy, if what they post to and about each other is pandering or not, I can’t always tell.. We all have our style of speaking and that will transfer into our writing, most of the time.. So, I don’t read into flowery words or the use of 10 letter words too much.. Unless of course the words aren’t making sense ๐Ÿ˜‚ Then I’d read those people with a different attitude or not at all..
    I agree with 90% of your views in this post, except for the idea we can fix it.. That’s because I believe the root of the problems are a core problem in least 80% of the world’s population.. Not the 1% of that 80% who successfully take advantage by manipulating the core problem.. Human nature.. We all have the ability to control our control issues but we have no control over others doing the same.. So my world view is to attack the problems I see in what I know I can do..
    Not in what I believe can’t be done..
    I don’t think this post will make or break your blog.. It may have an effect in readership personalities and that may drive numbers up or down but you will always have followers because you do speak your mind through the keyboard ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. I don’t agree with everything you said but I think you have the right to say it. You didn’t say anything that was offensive to me and I think that is the crux. We can all agree to disagree without being disrespectful to each other. I doubt you will lose any followers. I know that many of my followers don’t agree with my political or moral views but I hope I can write about something an in interesting way that you can choose to read or not. Good luck.

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  3. I always understood that a cornerstone of civilised society is freedom of speech. You are free to say what you like and that right should be respected. It happens that my views on American politics are irrelevant because I can’t vote here anyway but what I see is a bluddy mess. I see the same pot mess in the UK and in France. In short the world is a mess and in part that is because everyone is so hell-bent on being ‘politically correct’ that they entirely forget that strong leadership is the most important thing in government and that pussyfooting around will never get things done. I’m sorry if my English is flowery – it’s my normal mode of speaking – I’m from Oxford … they invented the dictionary there and I probably swallowed a few on the way. In terms of what you write – you write in your own voice and it speaks clearly to me. I can’t speak for anyone else and in truth I don’t really care. I’m a cumudgeonly old bag these days and I will gush if I want to and keep my peace if I don’t. So I’m afraid you are stuck with me ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. If there’s one thing I take away from this post its that I may be an opinionated, balding, slightly overweight trucker with insecurities and past emotional baggage, but on these electronic pages I think I may have found a hand full of people I truly hope to meet someday as I feel they may be the true friends I have been searching for my entire life. I thank you all my circle of friends!

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      1. Dang it ! I just it was you.. don’t know why but strongly felt it was.. wow.. I see our trucks daily but when you passed i just really felt it was.. too weird.. I’m in kutztown now, where are you ?

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  4. Guy, you aren’t any more opinionated than the next person, however you do speak your mind, unlike many people..
    I try and be careful about speaking my mind, I’m afraid it’d be a short story ๐Ÿ˜‚
    But really, I do speak my mind more than some people would like and usually those same people ask me stupid questions that they don’t really want to hear the truth..
    Go figure.. lol

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  5. Wait a minute over at 75 logistic way ?
    I thought you were going the other way when I was leaving at the rr tracks at the other end of allen dr.. but yes I was on the curb sleeping at 75..

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  6. I’m glad you made it to there, now I know you must’ve seen me parked and not driving.. I didn’t leave there til 130 to go load.. The accidents were happening left n right on the way to kutztown, so I just parked it here, it was almost 5pm.. and there were loads of accidents in pa and nj.. I’m hoping for no traffic at 1am.. roads won’t be good but less traffic is better odds..


  7. I agree with almost everything you said. Especially where you stated that people need to grow a fucking pair. Okay, I added the swear in. But it’s just to emphasize. People are way too soft and get butthurt about EVERYTHING. What the hell is going on? It’s insanity. I can’t even stand watching the news about politics anymore because it’s all a bunch of bullshit. I agree with a previous commenter – I would vote for you over the politicians actually running!

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  8. Blogging is essentially (or SHOULD be) a form of self expression, so why worry about being politically correct? America took that idea (which isn’t particularly bad, except in excess) and turned it into something monstrous. EVERYONE has the right to sue now and for some stuff that in the day would have gotten the ‘victim’ laughed at and ridiculed. I’m not saying that bullying nor running others down is a good way to live, but being ENTITLED to be offended at every little difference only means that nobody will ever NOT be offended. I don’t care what color nor orientation nor religion a person is, unless they think their color or orientation or religion is the ONLY ONE and that everyone else needs to think that too, or be damned. There’s an (to me) ugly little thing floating around on the internet that “Black LIves Matter.” Well sure. Yeah they DO. But so do every other color of life…I like it that someone took that slogan and made it ‘LIVES Matter.’ No shading needed.

    I can’t agree with the ego stroking bit though. Everyone needs a little ego stroking time to time, but moderation in that is best.

    Hell moderation is best for living wouldn’t you say?

    But I’m only an oldish woman living on disability and I am not that smart. What do I know?

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  9. Well, I can agree that our nation is polarized politically to dangerous degree, and the only ones benefiting from it are the corrupt politicians and corporations.

    Real quickly I have to defend the law suits against business that wish to discriminate against anyone. Basically, the law says if you have a business that is open to the public then you have to serve all the public and not just the segment that you feels aligns with your personal morality. This is why a bakery can’t decide they’re not going to make a wedding cake for black people, or Jews, or gays. If you want to only serve a only a certain portion of society and not others then you cannot have the benefits (and work) of operating a place of public accommodation.

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  10. Reblogged this on Weird Guy With The Dog and commented:

    Given the currant state of our political system, and the obvious slant to the left that the media uses to portray anything Republican or conservative in nature, I thought this post was even more relevant now then when I first wrote it. I guarantee a different light will be used next week for the Democrat convention.

    I also want to see how many people consider what Ive said, maybe have a conversation about it, or will I here crickets like my last post. The real problem in this country is people wont actually talk about anything even though both sides say thats all they want! We shall see…


  11. Hot Damn! You nailed it with this one! Straight Up and to the point! F%^k the sugar coating! Yo Vinny…Your dad rocks! (and no W.G., I am NOT blowing smoke up your ass)! I totally and completely agree! I am of neither of the “choices” we are left with (politically) I am an American. I will stand up for Truth, and our Constitutional rights, not for establishment politicians and their egos. Yahoo! I am not the ONLY one! Thanks!!!!

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