Goodbye Facebook!

I’m all done with Facebook. I’ve been thinking about dropping them for a while, and today is the day. In my experience, the majority of people I’ve had contact with are just the ones at both FAR edges of the political spectrum, and a lot of trolls. For example, I was having a discussion with someone about guns and we were pounced on by 5 far left wackos who started calling us haters and part of the reason people are being shot at schools and so forth. Within a minute, several FAR right militant types joined in and the war was on! I said bye and logged off. This happened in a group about Sailing!

When I post on my blog, they also post on Facebook. When I posted the story about not being politically correct, I was immediately booted from 3 groups about Sailing and boating. When I looked at the profiles of the moderators, they were mostly far left Zealot’s posting nothing but hatred for all Republicans and calling anyone right of center idiots. There was one far right profile, and after reading some of it, I defiantly don’t want anything to do with them. It’s a sad state of affairs this country is in.

I’m sure if I looked hard enough I could find many great people and groups, but I don’t see the benefit for me. I will stick to my circle of friends that I have here! Thank you all for your support and kind words!


11 thoughts on “Goodbye Facebook!

  1. Me? I’m a FB participant and through a lot of on-going hard work, I’ve mostly weeded the sort of thing that happened to you Mr. WGWTD , out. I’ve upped my security and un-friended any asshat who violates my personal set of ‘rules’. I’ve put it about that my wall is devoted to positive thoughts, fuzzy baby animals, flowers and beauty of nature. Most anything else will be summarily deleted. And gradually it’s getting to the point that I almost see no crap about politics, guns, murder, mutilated animals and cruelty to animals, abortion, abused children, pedophiles and all that other shit that makes FB an ugly place….none of the ‘hot’ buttons are allowed. BUT.

    If I were like you, and normal and had a job and a ‘real’ life, I’d probably not be on there either. I wouldn’t have the time nor the inclination to mess around with it like that to make it what I want. But to me it’s a true social network and the only way I have contact with some of my family, and the only way they have to contact me too.

    I’m sorry you got flamed over there and I understand and totally support your reasons for leaving. Good for you for refusing to play those stupid kind of games!!

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  2. Trolls and flamers wouldn’t bother with my FB, I’m never there except the other night I used it to msg Guy 😂
    I only have it so I have a way to comment on idiot sites that only allow comments thru an FB login..
    I feel bad for ppl who do use it for family and friends because you have to lock it down for only those ppl..
    The internet has always had trolls but as time moves on, trolls seem to reproduce like rabbits, from all over the global.. To me, it’s just a signpost, giving the direction of progress of the human race.. it’s a big U Turn sign..

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      1. The internet in general allows people to say things they wouldn’t have said in person. It also creates echo chambers of bugnuttery in which like minded people can congregate and reinforce each other with out rational, reasoned discussion from an opposing viewpoint. Now this behavior is pouring out in real life and people are shocked that anyone can believe or think some thing diametrically opposed to what they think/believe. And they do not have the mental or emotional tools to cope with said opposition in any reasonable way.. so wing nuts ahoy! Over reactions! Shouting instead of dialogue! Doxxing! Name Calling! Random death threats! Conspiracy theories!

        It doesn’t help that critical thinking skills are at a seeming all time low in this country and that people often take someone having even a slightly different viewpoint as a personal affront to their value as a human being.

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