Expensive Dog

Poor Vinny. He suffers the same ailments as most older humans. I took him to see his Vet Monday as he is having problems with constipation and incontinence. He is an older dog, approx 16, so I guess we can expect a few “elderly” issues to crop up. He also has had a hypoactive thyroid problem for many years.

As he has lost a lot of weight recently, 22 lbs 6 months ago to 15 lbs now, I was very concerned there was something terribly wrong. As it turns out, after $400.00 worth of tests, maybe his thyroid is working better with the weight loss there by increasing the weight loss, and may also be causing the other problems.

His dosage was cut in half and we shall continue to monitor his progress. It’s amazing how much we spend on our pets. I’m not sure what my upper limit would be. I think I would judge that by the quality of life for Vinny more than the money. I can always earn more, but there’s no replacing Vinny!



24 thoughts on “Expensive Dog

  1. 😦 I’m sorry to hear. But 16 is ancient for our furry friends (although the smaller the dog, the longer their quality of life extends…had a friend whose chihuahua lived to 22). My own boy died last March at 14. Quality of life was not good for him and it was kinder. Not easier. But Vinny looks healthy and happy, and not as if he’s in pain or anything, so here’s to more years for you and him. And FYI? There IS insurance for dogs, I don’t know the premiums or what the limitations are, but the benefits seem well worth the cost. And you’re right, as they age, our canine friends get the same sort of increasingly severe health issues. Take care and give Vinny lots of love. Oh wait. You’ve already done that! ❀

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  2. Vinny is 16? Wow! YOu are clearly doing everthing right for the boy. which is how it should be. It’s an interesting conversation – the cost thing. I have lived an adult life of poverty with occasional moments of wealth. some years ago I sold a house and I had a profit. I never reinvested it and this is one of the reasons why. My daughter had gone travelling in India and left Brian (her then 18 month old chi-griffin-pug) with me. At the time I had moved to a rented farmhouse with my Tally, Achilles, Hector, The Bean (only a few months old) and occasionally my mothers Josh. Brian was no effort. One day I was walking them in the fields across the road when Brian and The Bean set off in pursuit of a bird. I chased across the plough, a cumbersome and comic figure and the older dogs went their own sweet way. As I got to the road I could see The Bean on the far side and Brian in the road seemingly dead. I crossed the road and grabbed Bean and went to pick up Brian. His head shot up. Not dead I tried to pick him up and he bit me. I knew then he was in dreadful pain so I hooked my fingers through his collar and pulled him across to the side that contained all the other dogs. How to get across this little road with all of them and an injured Brian? Phone a friend. He came, we put the others in the house and redlighted to the vet. It cost Β£4,500 (that was approximately $10,000 at the time) to fix him up with many pins and plates in his shattered hind leg. The night they watched him to see if he stabalised enough to be able to examine him was the longest of my life. I paid the bill. And I didn’t hesitate. He was a young dog and I had the money. Do I regret it? NO way, sir. I couldn’t do it today because I don’t have the money – it was truly fortunate. So my answer, based on experience is that I would spend every spare penny I have and not regret it on my dog. I know many would say that’s bonkers but I would no more see my dog suffer or just be disposed of than I would do that to my children or my mother. Long live Vinnie πŸ™‚ PS: Brian is still with us and attended her wedding last year walked up the aisle behind her by one of the bridesmaids.

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  3. Vinny is getting up there in years and yes they have the same ailments as us older folks. My Max died almost 2 years ago from a sudden illness and he had thyroid issues prior to that. Rub Vinny’s ears for me, will ya? πŸ™‚

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  4. 2 days ago I was at the rest area north of harrisburg sb side and took a nap, I had an achy back.. But what came next made me forget about anything else except Stewie..
    I took him out to potty before I was going to take off.. He jumped out fine but was kind of mopey after potty.. He tried to run to jump in the truck and stopped.. I said ok, I’ll help you.. He knows to stand on the bottom step and couldn’t do that either.. So I was real concerned that he’d hurt his spine or hips, so I carefully put both arms under his belly and started to lift.. He threw his body and head against me while crying blood curdling yelps.. It started raining was dusk and I was scared because now I was afraid to force him up, fearing I’d hurt him or paralyze him.. I called an animal hosp and a cab.. He did the cab well but was inconsolable at the hosp.. I took his temp because he wouldn’t let them near him.. The vet came in, I held him and she sedated him in the butt..
    He had a bowel obstruction and from what she figures, he has a sensitivity to the fat in bone marrow and he had a few small chips from the raw bone in the obstruction that was constipation.. So every time the bulge was pressed on or he moved just the wrong way, the chips in the hard stool would be excruciating pain..When he had pooped, the obstruction jammed up in that part of his bowel.. He had just had that bone the day before so it all made sense.. Now I have to remove half the marrow from now on before giving him his raw bone.. He only gets one or 2 a week but this bone was a little longer, thus more marrow at one time.. Who’d a thunk ? Only my boy.. Now he’s on pain meds and no jumping or running hard for 10 days.. 8 more days to go.. Today he’s been really antsy to play.. poor kid.. and it’s pouring rain.. I was so afraid of losing him, and felt so helpless to help him as we waited for the cab in the rain.. cab ride was about 20 mins each way, waited about a half hr coming and going back.. 6 + hrs at the hosp.. I was physically and emotionally wore out.. Paying the bill was a whole other story but funny too..
    I’m just glad my boy is ok..
    Like you and the rest here have said, life doesn’t come with a price tag..
    Stewie also has a script after he doesn’t need the pain meds, for canine Prozac, for his attitude with strangers and other dogs.. I’m going to try him on it but am wary about mind altering drugs for him.. It’s not like he was born with a bad attitude, a corgi and the jerk owner of it, changed his attitude.. But if a pill does help him to get past that, I think it’s worth a try at least..

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