Videos rule!

So here’s a few short videos of Maine, my travels and of course, Vinny!

A quiet day at Sandy River in Strong Maine…

The CRAZY hummingbirds from my back porch…

Intense rain storm in Wyoming…

And, Vinny loves hotcakes!


3 thoughts on “Videos rule!

  1. So the river just calls to me … I love that sound, that water and I love the picture of you and Vinny sitting meditating on that smooth rock. The hummingbirds remind me that I have never seen a hummingbird except in a zoo but I have seen rain like that. I’m glad to see that after Vinny’s excellent guard bark during the storm that he was given a hotcake – he has a very polite attitude to the fork compared with a certain Bean. PS: The Valkerie was a perfect choice of music for the little birds – giving them even more bonkers appeal than they give themselves with their fleeting and flitting and incessant beating of those tiny wings.

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