I Think I’m Almost There

I think I’m almost there.

I’ve cursed myself, wallowed in self pity, felt myself burning in the spotlight of regret, ripped open all the scars on my heart, apologized to the ones I needed to, left behind the ones who used me, felt the crushing weight of despair, understood the depth of my addiction, made an attainable plan for my future, gathered all my willpower, met new friends, relived my life’s worst moments, almost stumbled, regained control, stopped living in denial, faced my fears, accepted my past, and almost forgiven myself.

All of this I brought on myself, and I have changed my life by myself. I reached out for help one time, years ago, but it was in vain. All they cared about was money. I slumped very badly then, but I knew I had to fix my life alone. I’ve decided to truly live the second part of my life. Each day I look for any small inspiration to grasp and make it my motto for the day. Here is today’s…



21 thoughts on “I Think I’m Almost There

  1. In the end I am the only person who can fix me. I can if I will. And you, my friend are inspiring to all those walking through the fire and stumbling and falling along their own road. Because you are.

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      1. As well it should, life’s hardest lessons should never be forgotten, just forgiven and/or understood.. ๐Ÿ˜Š

        I just read an exciting article thru our fellow blogger Jane Going Home, links don’t seem to work for me but I’ll try.. I think you will enjoy the article she links to very much.. I imagine you taking some amazing pictures like these in your future adventures ! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


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  2. You deserve much kudos from extricating yourself from a very bad situation and getting yourself in a good place. Have you wondered if there might have been an underlying reason for making some bad choices? Sometimes life propels us in a direction that we cannot avoid.

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  3. I took a bit of sabbatical from WordPress, but I didn’t realise how much I missed your words until now. I have been going through a really rough patch, the last 6 months especially. I also look for joy, beauty and inspiration in every day. Something to keep me hanging on, just one more day. Yesterday I caught the end of the movie Castaway, with Tom Hanks. I have it on dvd but haven’t watched it for years. Here is a quote from the movie that was exactly what I needed to hear yesterday….

    โ€œSo now I know what I have to do. I have to keep breathing. And tomorrow the sun will rise, and who knows what the tide will bring in.”

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