My Morning Ride

I love daybreak. It’s the promise of another day in the sun, another chance to change my life and make amends to myself. Nature awakens, flowers open, my spirits lift, another day with the grass under my feet, not over my head!

Here’s a video of my trip on Interstate 68 over Sideling Hill in Maryland this morning. I’m sorry about the quality of the video, limitations of GoPro in low light. I put a few of my favorite daybreak photos after the video. Follow the link for some interesting info about this area.


16 thoughts on “My Morning Ride

  1. It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life and I’m feeling good! Those lyrics always swim round my muzzy head when I am up early enough to see the sunrise – there is nothing better and these pictures and the fillm are just the ticket to persuade others that rolling over for a couple more minutes shut-eye wastes all of this!

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