Step Back From That Ledge


I think many of us have felt we couldn’t go on at least once in our lives. Stress and a strong hopeless feeling can overtake our minds to the point of contimplating suicide. Everybody has a breaking point, so they say, but can you change where that point is? I think you can.

I have known a few people who have tried to end it all, and 2 who succeeded. I have heard some say that many people who try are just crying out for help, that they really don’t want to die. Maybe that’s true. But if they don’t get any help, if the screwed up system we have fails, what makes some recover on their own while others end up dead? Mental illness is part of the story, the closing of so many psychiatric hospitals another.

The unnecessary complexity of the health care system, and laws that make it next to impossible to help someone who is not in control of their life, was brought on, in my opinion, by a group who feels that people have a right to die in that alley instead of being instatutionalized. This is a huge problem. When all those hospitals were closed years ago, many people were dumped on the street and died within the first few years of being released. With all the technology and people who really want to help others, we could have fixed the bad apples in the system instead of closing them. Good intentions failed so many due to a lack of common sense.

There have been many points in my life when I felt like giving up, but I’m to stubborn to quit. Each day I find at least one reason to keep going. Life is a gift, not a curse. It was given to you by your parents. It’s not yours to take. If your situation is bad, change it. Don’t say you can’t because that’s not true. You are the person at the wheel of your future. You have to steer around the obstacles, avoid the potholes when you can, and maintain your life. If you look around, you can find something each day worth living for.

For me its simple, a great sunrise, the smell of good coffee, the taste of fresh bread, the sound of running water, bird song in the warm spring sun, Vinny looking up at me begging for breakfast. These simple things make each day worth living. As you all have noticed, music is also inspirational to me. Here’s today’s music to live for.


15 thoughts on “Step Back From That Ledge

  1. good post, though I believe that your life is your’s and if you want to end it, it’s your decision to make. For some the accumulation of past trauma and pain is just too much to bear and overshadows and poisons even the beautiful things in life and present moment.

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  2. Two of my cousins have committed suicide as a result of our genetic illness. I totally empathize with them that life was now just too painful and difficult. Sometimes when you are very ill, choices are not available but am glad that you are on a good path.

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      1. No, I don’t think it did. After a lifetime of battling mental illness, you just get weary of the mental pain. I have decided that 70 is the age I intend to die at unless the Gods have other plans…

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  3. Taking control of the steering wheel of your life.. Don’t like this route, take another.. At a deadend, go left, right or backup.. Plan the trip and make a map to follow.. And if you get lost, stop and ask directions, then proceed with care.. Not all directions are correct.. 😄

    That’s how I look at the way to making my way thru life and goals..

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  4. As someone who lives with chronic depression on a daily basis, and have battled with it since I was a small child, (it also runs in our family) I have been in that very dark place many times. The only reason people choose to take their own life, is to stop the pain in their heads. When you have fought those demons for so long, you have no more fight left in you. Just like you, I am very stubborn. I refuse to be defeated, by depression, by anyone or anything!! Just like you, I live a very simple life, and it’s in the small and simple things where I find the most joy and beauty. Stay strong! Xx

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