Goodnight Pennsylvania

IMG_3402 (Medium)

There’s something about the way shadow and light interact when shooting at or just before night. Edges are smoothed, shoulders relax, eyes open wide and everything looks calmer, more at ease. Even an industrial park can take on a fanciful look! A great ending to a long day.

IMG_3408 (Medium)

IMG_3410 (Medium)



10 thoughts on “Goodnight Pennsylvania

  1. Allen Dist ? And are those streaks in the foreground of the 2nd to last pic headlight streaks ?
    The pics are all calm and cool colors 👍

    And look at that moon ! I wish my android could do what your camera does !

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  2. I know what you mean.. but the further you go back it seems to be more thick weeds.. I don’t know how Stewie jumps and runs without impaling any paws on some of that straw..

    I’m heading down your way later today, then I hope up to Maine or a load to IL.. either way I’ll need to take a reset somewhere..

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  3. Got an email this morning for who made February’s driver of the month.. AND it’s our own Weird Guy with the Dog 👍

    But I think they really wanted to give it to Vinny 😒 He does all the work to keep Guy between the lines 😄

    Congrats Guy !!!!! 😆

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