A Thousand Years


Another truly inspirational song. My heart aches everytime I hear this. Does that sound silly for a guy? Not for Weird Guy! I am a romantic soul. I believe in true love and the idea of a soulmate I hope to meet. I’m patient…I would wait a thousand years, or walk a thousand miles for you.


29 thoughts on “A Thousand Years

  1. Do the Marshall Islands have many people??? I love the idea of a small island surrounded by water and maybe a moat with crocodiles, and perhaps a drawbridge. As opposed to a giant island like Australia, with lots of crocodiles and 24 million people!! šŸ˜šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

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      1. You might have to watch out for Bella’s cold, wet nose. She is our (mine and my kids) rescue dog. We adopted her in December last year. She is a staffy/kelpie cross and does dog farts that can clear a room or a small city!! Lol

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  2. Never EVER lose that romantic soul. Your mirror soul is waiting somewhere I guarantee it. and when you lay eyes her and hers meet yours it will be a simple matter of linking fingers and walking to your future together. x

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