Good Morning Ohio

I’m sitting at the Walmart in Van Wert Ohio for my mandatory 34 hr reset of my log book. It’s a quiet place, plenty of grass for Vinny, shopping and food nearby. I’ll make the best of it!

IMG_3719 (Medium)

IMG_3722 (Medium)

IMG_3730 (Medium)

IMG_3736 (Medium)


8 thoughts on “Good Morning Ohio

  1. You’re at one of my favorite Walmarts.. Stewie gets to run and play and I can shop
    there and the strip mall next door.. That is one of the most trucker friendly Walmarts in the country.. Most drivers who stop there don’t make a mess either.. I have picked up a few things left by pigs but not much.. I only do that because I don’t want them to ruin our parking there.. So I do my part..
    Great pics !!! Hope you and Vinny have a nice 34 reset

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