Another Sunrise Closer

It’s another sunrise closer to my dream. I’m enjoying the ride, snapping a few shots, and a song comes on that just crushes me emotionally every time I hear it. I was thinking of you while taking the pictures, and the song drove it home. This post is for you mom.

IMG_3779 (Medium)

IMG_3801 (Medium)

IMG_3802 (Medium)

IMG_3807 (Medium)

IMG_3870 (Medium)


5 thoughts on “Another Sunrise Closer

  1. Mom used to ride with me a few weeks out of the year up until 2009, when she was afraid to leave dad by himself anymore.. She passed away in 2012.. She’d be proud of how well dad has coped and become more careful about doing things now.. I have some of our best memories together while she was on the truck with me.. Our adventure of San Francisco was one of our funniest and fun times.. But just being there as we rolled down the road are cherished memories as well as all of our many mini adventures..
    She would’ve loved your posts and Vinny too of course !

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