Would You Really Want To Know

Happy, and then sad. Such is a day in my life

Lost in thought am I, waiting for suns last rays, the time for sleep. Thinking of past times, joys and sorrows, forever fading from view. Remembering family I never had the chance to know, friends who were never true. Gestures of friendship, given in hope but never returned. Sad are such thoughts, must be replaced with days of future joy.

As the sun kisses sea, another day of beauty and sound. The wind past sails, the cry of gulls, dolphins dance. Forces of nature awaken my soul, heavy from the burden, begging for peace. As the sea calms, the last breath of wind pulls against the anchor. Alone with my best friend I feel the pain release, the rising tide lifting all ships, including mine. Sleep, beautiful sleep, dreams caress the furrowed brow.

Some dream of futures, promises of forever. Faith the force of will, strong are they in their hope. Hopeful I am of their cause, for they give all for their truth. Some believe in nothing, lost are they without purpose. Whay joy comes from nothing, no hope of rememberance or peace of mind. Futile is indifferance, nothing to be gained. One must have some belief, or forever swim in the fast river of doubt, never gaining ground. Drowning in regret.

What if one could know all, see what comes. Decisions made with forthought, all things preconcieved. Would life be better, or simply shallow and belittled? No learning from mistakes, no pride of doing it right the next time. No discovery of another, no surprise of meeting the one. As I ponder this question that many have thought, I ask myself, would I really want to know?



12 thoughts on “Would You Really Want To Know

  1. The best part of almost every journey is the trip getting there.. Once there, it then becomes a new journey.. So knowing all might make the trip smoother but not very enlightening or exciting.. 😕

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  2. As always, your words captivate me!! It is, as if, you are speaking to my soul!! You pose a great question, would I want to know. The answer is a firm NO!! Knowing may lead to a whole lot of bitter disappointment, or we would spend our entire lives anticipating that moment.

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