Good Morning Virginia

I’m always inspired in the morning. I slept in yesterday, so no sunrise, but I managed a few shots of the wonderful highways I traveled. I started in Lexington VA traveling on I81, then turned left on I77 to go over the mountains into North Carolina. Someday I will drive this in a car so I can get better shots.

IMG_3958 (Large)

IMG_3990 (Large)

IMG_4039 (Large)

IMG_4042 (Large)

IMG_4066 (Large)

IMG_4108 (Large)

IMG_4113 (Large)

IMG_4116 (Large)

IMG_4162 (Large)

IMG_4166 (Large)

IMG_4185 (Large)


9 thoughts on “Good Morning Virginia


    😬 I’m heading to Chicago after unloading here in a few minutes.. in rush hour..
    That might have something to do with the booing.. 😞

    That last pic is of a runaway ramp 😨

    Hope you didn’t decide to take a right, at that moment πŸ˜‚

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