Better Truck!

I really love working for this company. They have been nothing but kind and considerate to me since signing on. Not only were they very forgiving when I had my folks living with me, allowing me to take a few months off when I needed the time, but they brought me back without hesitation. I feel like I never left! There is truly a family atmosphere with this company, not the usual platitudes you hear from so many.

Cascadia Mid Roof
Freightliner Cascadia Mid Roof

Just last week I received a bigger, better truck! It’s not brand new, but that’s OK with me. The truck is heavier, the interior is larger, and with a longer wheelbase it rides much better. Because I “Live” in the truck, no house or apartment, more room is better!

I built shelving above the front seats, shelving in the back and mounted my 26″ TV at the end of the bunk. All without a single hole drilled into the interior anywhere. My tower PC is set up, I have 4G internet and a DVD player. Refrigeration, a microwave, coffee maker and other small appliances. My Tiny House!



IMG_4217 (Large)

IMG_4215 (Large)

And most importantly, Vinny approves!

IMG_1535 (Large)


20 thoughts on “Better Truck!

  1. Awesome.. and too funny because just this week I’ve been giving thought to a cabinet hanging from the roof in the same place top center.. you did a great job.. that’s also how a tv should be in a truck.. it’s where I had mine.. I’m impressed with your tiny house 😊
    Now we can take turns cooking 😁

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