Pain In The Neck

When I was in my early teens I fell off 12 foot tall bleachers at a school in Maine. I landed on the back of my head and my shoulders. I was unconscious for about 10 minutes so I’m told. When I woke up I was seen by a nurse who thought I was ok, just a bump. I know she meant well, but years later it was discovered in an x-ray that I had actually cracked a vertebrae, then with a sleepy EEG they also found minor brain damage.

Because the vertebrae did not break, I was lucky and there was no damage to my spinal cord. But starting in my 20’s I have had neck pain quite often. Today was one of those days. Tension, stress and lack of sleep can set it off. It started last night while trying to sleep at our drop yard. To many trucks in and out, waking me up. I drove 568 miles today, not a long day, but full of stress driving in New England.

When I had about 50 miles to go, the pain was getting pretty intense. I needed to get out and stretch to relieve the strain, but I’m a die hard trucker so I just popped in some music to keep me going. The first song to come up was one of my favorites that I never get tired of hearing. It also reminded me of why I’m working so hard. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


25 thoughts on “Pain In The Neck

  1. I had all kinds of snarky remarks when I read the post title.. sigh.. But I’ll refrain from them.. Real pain really is no joke..

    That song itself can help relieve stress..
    A 568 mile day in New England converts to 1068 miles of open road driving.. I’m glad you are parked now, hoping you can only hear Vinny snore tonight πŸ’›

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  2. I have a prolapsed disc in my neck, so I feel your pain. In regards, to the song “Cool Change,” I also love this song by The Little River Band. It is my all time favorite song of theirs. I grew up listening to them as my dad was a big fan. This song always gave, and still gives me, a sense of hope and peace. Like the next cool breeze that blows, will bring with it a new, positive change and some renewed hope.

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  3. I enjoy that song too, thanks for sharing! And you provided me with a clue today. When I was 10 years old, I fell off a speeding car (long story). I was unconscious for some time (I don’t know exactly), and the doctors in 1970 didn’t really say much about concussions (although I may have had one). I walked away from the accident without any repercussions except that black out spell and a flat part of my skull. As an adult I was in a car accident and again was knocked out (I suspect only a few moments though)…but the neck pain began with a vengeance a week after the wreck; and has never completely gone away. Today I suffer with increasing pain and limited mobility. So now I have something to ask the doctor – is there a vertebral issue from that long ago trauma? Thanks Weird Guy….it is great to know one isn’t just malingering….

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  4. Sorry to hear about the pain bro, I’ve had chronic lower back issues since I was 19 so I empathize with ya. Sitting for long periods is actually what triggers it (I could never drive all day like you do, I wouldn’t be able to walk after the first 4 hours).
    Something that you might want to consider is a TENS unit, very helpful for chronic pain and once you hook it up to yourself (takes about 2 minutes) you can just keep driving. They’re not very expensive either (couple hundred in investment for the unit with a couple electrodes, new electrodes usually run between 15 to 20 each and they don’t need to be replaced too often) It is basically a little electrical massage, it won’t fix the pain but it will help relieve it without having to take medications or time out of your day. We use them all the time on ourselves at work while we’re working since we have a fairly high rate of stress and strain induced back and shoulder pain.

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