I Am A Liar

“Momma said its just a little white lie, aint hurtin nobody.”
From the movie Forrest Gump

We humans lie to cover up something we’ve done, we lie to get something we want, we lie to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, but very often we lie to ourselves. I think it’s a normal way of compartmentalizing traumas in our lives and dealing with daily bullshit.

We tell ourselves, “It’s no big deal”and stuff the memory in a safety deposit box in our minds, and lock it away. For years we may forget the very existence of the incident, until something reminds you of it. Then, like a kick to your chest, it all comes rushing back. Every bad feeling you had, however small, is a time bomb waiting to go off someday.

Sometimes its a good thing we waited. As an adult, we have the reasoning power to process and put aside the pain and anger, the maturity to forgive the slight or transgression. The ability to understand no one is perfect, we all make many mistakes. But for many young children, they have no way to cope, and this can lead to anger or other complications including suicide.

Children today are surrounded by lairs. Their parents, everything they watch on TV, and most of their friends. What great examples they have to learn from! They will grow up not seeing any problem with lying. But if everyone lies, there is no trust. Without trust, there are no endearing relationships. Its like sex without love, shallow and meaningless. Nothing but a selfish act in an effort to relieve ones carnal desires.

Sometimes we lie to avoid the daily “Drama” that just seems to follow some people. “I’m sorry, I have to walk my pet fish, so I can’t come over right now.” Some people have lied so much, its just a normal part of their day. You never really know if their telling the truth or not. After awhile, people like that are going to end up alone and sad, wondering what went wrong with their life.

To not be a lair takes effort. You must understand how your lies effect yourself and others. Realizing the self destructive nature of lies, you must strive to change who you are. That means being truthful with yourself. Not always an easy proposition. Each morning when you get up, ask yourself…”Am I going to continue leading a life of deceiving myself and others, or shall I adopt a policy of truth?”


14 thoughts on “I Am A Liar

  1. Definitely worth the read. I sometimes lied, just to fleet the inner pain for a moment and it goes back and hit me square on my face. On my personal experiences, I think I lie to hide, and keep lying to evade unnecessary things to fester. But I always make sure that it won’t consume me inside out.

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  2. Thanks for your blog post. I sometimes lied to fleet the pain for a moment. Because I definitely I’m trying to evade from another battle. I think I have been doing this since, but I always make sure that I set my limits.

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  3. I adopted a policy a long time ago for one of my pet peeves of people asking awkward questions or questions that put me in an awkward position to answer.. I first answer them with a statement in all seriousness.. “Don’t ask the question unless you want the answer”.. questions like, does this make me look fat or what do you think of (usually their current flame or situation) Just put the person asked in a situation, that they probably didn’t want to address.. And the questioner most times, in my experience, isn’t looking for honesty, just fishing for agreement or a compliment..
    I stopped allowing people to do that.. People closest to me know this and when they ask the “awkward” question, I already know they want the answer..
    But acquaintances and strangers get my disclaimer statement first before I answer.. If they still want an answer and they get offended, then it’s totally on them..

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  4. Nice post! This is related to my post last January entitled ‘A penny for my thoughts’, I discussed about ‘why do people lie?’ I agree with what you say that it could be self destructive. Sometimes lying is not intentional but no matter what reasons we have, lying is always a sin.

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