Für Elise

I decided to put together my favorite classical song, with the photos I’ve taken that mean the most to me. I truly love capturing what I see through the lens. Each picture speaks to my soul, each moment burned in my mind as a memory of a beautiful moment in my life. If I died tomorrow, I die with the images of my travels, and the thankfulness for having seen them.


6 thoughts on “Für Elise

  1. Hey man…Guess what? You got me again! Here’s a little known factoid…I learned to play Fur Elise at the ripe old age of 6. One of the few I remember and can still play without reading the music! How bizarre. Love that tune..and the story of the composer.Amazing Man! (a bit touched but wow, can you imagine? being deaf and creating such powerful compositions.) Hope you guys are having the best time ever!

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