My Vision Of Contentment


1. a state of happiness and satisfaction:

“he found contentment in living a simple life in the country on the sea!”

What does that word mean to you? Do you see it comprised as a singular moment, or do you apply it to a more broad sense of well being? Have you ever thought about your vision of contentment, or are you to busy with a lifestyle you hope leads you there? I wish I had thought of this a long time ago.

Contentment can mean many things to many people. I guess it’s a very personal thing if you spend some time thinking about what your hopes and dreams are. As for me, I’m just starting to fully grasp where my path leads, what my chosen future holds.

5357707_20150925114209219_1_XLARGEI still have moments of fear and apprehension when I consider the implications of buying a sailboat and living on the water. I still live with self doubt. I wonder if I’m trying to live a pipe dream, or can I really make this work. There are thousands of people doing the very same thing, so I know it can be done, but am I capable of making it happen? Can I find the inner strength and will to see it through?

I have tried and failed many times in my life. I’ve made poor decisions, listened to bad advise, and generally allowed the fears in myself and of others interfere with my ability to complete the tasks I set out to do. I think all along I was searching for my vision of contentment without ever completely thinking it through. I don’t think I ever set reasonable goals to achieve. As we all know, without measured goals you cant track your progress. Then you can get distracted and overwhelmed, and sometimes just give up. Vision lost.

sun-set-on-sail-boatI can see my vision starting to take shape. It revolves around a simple premise…self sufficiency and simplicity in all things. I’ve tried too hard in my life to achieve a goal that was never really my dream. I fell prey to all the hype and marketing that molds most peoples thinking about what achievement is. I allowed other peoples visions to blind me from seeing my own. I want to live free.

What does that mean to me? It means free to move when I want, free to work when I want, free to live without fear that someone can take away what I have worked so hard for. Free from debt and all the stress that goes with it. Away from crowds of people and the drag they exert on my psyche. Free to explore other countries and lifestyles other than the rampant consumerism that controls most people in the world. Free to be me.

I’m sure there are many people just like me. Tired of the drama, the hateful gestures, the stupid remarks, the ignorant attitudes, and the general bad manners of so many today. Everybody out for themselves with no regard for their impact on others. The more I am engrossed in this world, the more I become one in the same.

It’s a natural progression towards an uncivilized society that takes individual feelings out of the equation, and replaces them with terms like “Social Justice” or “Political Correctness”. Labels someone with a different view as a bigot or a homophobe, just because they believe in something morally different. All the while preaching how they are “Progressive” in their thinking, and to think otherwise is the height of stupidity. So much for their open minded approach.

I wonder if there is any hope for a renaissance of middle ground? A place where clear minded people come together and truly discuss what’s at stake here. A time when people stop discriminating against others, but allow for apposing lines of thought without name calling. Would not that be a real vision of contentment?



31 thoughts on “My Vision Of Contentment

  1. For me the notion of contentment is more than just reaching a destination, and achieving goals. It’s more a state of being and choosing to be happy with what we have and what we do along the way. I love this quote: “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough and more”. That’s contentment to me.

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    1. Counting blessings is a true eye opener when we really stop to think on them.. Sometimes it’s a real smack in the face when I realize I’m griping about an inconvenience , while others are silently facing real problems..

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  2. When each of my four daughters was born I did not wish them beauty, I did not wish them monetary wealth. Of course I wished them health but most of all I wished that they would find content. I wish you the same …. the journey to it is always one of some doubt and uncertainty – that inner conversation when mind tells you to stop being foolish and heart pulls you on but you will live your dream, find your boat, build it buy it whichever is right for you and you will sail where your heart pulls you. I wish you content.

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      1. A question …. we are planning to head up to Maine for three days in a couple of weeks. Of course, being a rooky, I do want to explore the coast but what are your absolute must-sees for this place. I know you are in the know!

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      2. First, Boothbay Harbor. A little touristy, but not as bad as Bar Harbor. If you want a good hike, go to the town of Weld, and climb the “Brook Trail” up Tumbledown Mt. Just be aware, not a novice climb! Finally, go to Long Lake in Naples for a ride on the Songo River Queen paddle boat or a seaplane ride if they are open yet. If not, its still a great place for good food and nice Inns. Pricing should still be low.

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      3. It’s swimming and walking OK …. I’m going to keep it in the house til dusk and then release it by the pond and hope it survives …. I had a drowned chipmunk in the pool yesterday – I’m rather hoping these things DON’T come in threes!

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      4. My Granny was born on Friday 13th and decreed that this superstition was therefore nonsense – this was bold for a woman otherwise entirely RULED by superstition to the extent that she invented her own to cover any areas not already taken care of!

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  3. Setting reasonable goals and knowing what goals to choose to find and maintain well being, are the keys to the door and deadbolt that sits between content and discontent.. You found the keys Guy and that’s more than I see most people achieving
    And each of us has that door before us, living on one side or the other..
    I see so many people try and jimmie the locks and its an always fail.. I’ve tried to do that in different stages of my life utterly failing too.. Learning to use those keys is the only permanent way through to living in contentment, no matter what obstacles pop up.. I think you’re doing this smart.. Trying it out before going “all in” ..
    And knowing what other ways of living would give you peace.. It would be a kick in the pants if you find that a permanent home on the water isn’t for you.. You know you’d do well as a mountain man, if sailing fulltime isn’t what you see it to be now..
    I think you’re halfway thru the doors because you’re using those keys properly..

    I’m trying to stay on that right track too, being satisfied that I will be flexible in my plans and dreams 😊

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  4. I’m ready to do my pretrip and head to the terminal.. Then clean the truck and pack the van to be ready to leave on vaction tomorrow morning.. YAAY !!!!
    🙄 I’m just a little excited.. Does it show ?


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      1. 💛 hope time flies for you til then..
        I changed my mind about leaving, in a few mins they’ll be in and there’s only one empty where I’m at.. Since I don’t need it, I figure they might want to leave it where it is.. And I’m enjoying catching up on fav blogs while I’m waiting.. Haven’t had much reading time lately..

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  5. As you know, I also want to live a simple life. My dream is to buy a bus and convert it into a motorhome. Free from societies expectations, far away from people!! It is the simple things in life that bring me the most joy. 👍👍👍

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