I’m Still Waiting

Where are you, I’m still waiting
Waiting for the promise of heartfelt truth
Your look of longing, eyes filled with love
A hand held out, warm and comforting

The feeling of a summer breeze rolling over us
The touch of tall grass as we lay in fields of spring flowers
Your breath in my ear, whispers of loves silent language
Your so far away, I’m still waiting

I’m still waiting, time passes by, still searching
Searching for the one to complete my life’s journey
The soul mate to hold till the end, the final friend
I’m still waiting, your presence so close yet cloudy

I’m still waiting for the sunny day, the day you walk in
In to a life full of hope and joy, holding on to the vision
A vision of years spent together, memories of shared joy
I’m still waiting, I will wait forever for you


22 thoughts on “I’m Still Waiting

  1. I’m making great time, in my van.. had to stop to give Stewie a pill.. almost out of Maine.. I’m on vacation and will meet up with my Dad in Va. tomorrow afternoon.. Gotta get going, you have a good trip up😊

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  2. It’s beautiful …. and you will not wait forever. She will arrive. And she will be so happy when she finds you. Because, as Pan says, you speak from the heart and that is all too rare in this head driven, materialistic, focussed on far to many meaningless’ world of ours.

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  3. Dude, unlike all the rest, I say give up, stop looking. Then she will find her way to u. This is what I had to do in my utter discouragement as I wrapped myself into work and just stopped seeking and looking, trying to force it, Then out of nowhere I met her and she never spoke to me the whole first day we were around each other, but eventually I grew on her and now we’re married with kids and going to do BaHaHa in 2018. Give it a break for awhile and see what comes ur way?

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