Maine: “The Way Life Should Be!”

Maine State Flag

I’ve lived in Maine pretty much my entire life. Like most people, the place you lived during your childhood seems to be the place you feel most comfortable, the place you call home. I can think of no other place I have lived that holds more meaning to the deepest part of me than Maine. From the magical granite coastline, to the breathtaking western mountains, to the thousands of brooks, rivers, ponds lakes and streams, Maine has more inspirational vistas packed into every corner than you could see in a lifetime.

Maine has a long and rich history of boat building going back centuries, and those traditions are still in practice in towns like Brooklin. Many Schooners were built for the coastal trade routes.

Schooner Susan N. Pickering
Schooner Being Built In Maine

Every time I spend an afternoon sitting by a lake, fishing in a stream, hiking a mountain or listening to the waves crashing on the ocean shore, I understand what drew so many to this state at the beginning of this country. The winters are harsh, the summers short, but the soil is rich and the game abundant. One could still live off the land in the wilderness even today.

I think that is what I am attempting to do, only on the water not land.I want to be a modern day nomad, a viking perhaps, but minus the sword and helmet with horns sticking out! No ties to one spot, no roots holding me down, the closest thing to ultimate freedom I can get. But I think Winterport Maine will be my home port.

I stopped in and talked to the owner and some people who use this yard, and I was taken aback by how genuine, hospitable and friendly they all were. I had heard how people in the sailing community were a very close knit group, no thought to class or background. Everyone equal in their love for the water and the sound of the wind past sails. I think I may have found where I fit in.

What my future ultimately holds for me is unknown, hidden by the fog of a vision still maturing. One can make all the plans they want, but life can intervene and change things. I hold my head up, eyes straight ahead, goals set out before me. My will has never been stronger after my visit to the boat yard, my path so clear. I can make this work, or die trying.





21 thoughts on “Maine: “The Way Life Should Be!”

  1. Wow! Amazing photos. Love that blue hummingbird feeder! There are so many beautiful pictures it’s hard to even get an eye around a favorite. No need to choose one!! I had no idea Maine was so diverse, yet nature oriented. So glad the harbor was a haven. πŸ™‚

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  2. Another step closer to your dream, love it.
    Soon we will have to rename you “Weird Viking with a Sword and a dog”!
    And what wonderful photos. You truly do live in a beautiful part of the world.

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  3. There is NOTHING like going and immersing yourself in a place that is relevant to a dream to give you a double dose of will-power. I can’t wait to discover this place for myself … you and Pan have sold it to me a treat. And for you – you WILL be sailing soon. I just know you will. Because it’s the smoldering flame that keeps your heart beating.

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