The Truth Within

How does one find the truth within? By action or deed, through wisdom or thought?
Will it come in the night, a dream unseen in the light of wakefulness
A flash of brilliance from the mind of one untested, a hope of what’s to come
Or are we to live never knowing the answer to life’s riddle, destined to fail once again

Is the truth learned with the affairs of life, or is it burned into the soul of all
Is it a part of who we are, a lesson learned over time, or a message we failed to hear
One must seek the truth, wondering if they see it clearly, or is it clouded by weakness
Decisions made, lest we fail to grow, forever chained to the sorrows of the past

Wicked is the soul of man, full of lust and greed, deadened by the course of selfishness
Casting our eyes upon the wealth of another, envious of things undeserved
We strive for what we have not, only to forget the value of things already achieved
Lost with thoughts of conquest, pressing the fight, forgetting all who fall in its path

The truth within is one each must face, a task that must be completed to resolve peace
The search for the truth of our souls, a meaning to this life and all it’s troubles
We must look into the mirror of who we are, mindful of what we present to others
The truth must be set free, lest we live our life behind the veil of deception and lies


15 thoughts on “The Truth Within

    1. Thank you for your continued support as I strive to grow more poised in my writing. I’m finding if I just sit and spill it out when the inspiration show itself, the words seem to place themselves on the page without thinking. I will stick to this method from now on.

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      1. You have touched my soul with this post! Beautifully Written! Poignant! I feel as though you have seen within my heart and written what you have seen there! That is the mark of a true writer, at least in my eyes! Thank you for baring your soul! If I had more than 2 thumbs up to give you, you would get all of them, and then some!

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  1. “It just feels right, in the moment”, I think might be the answer to the title of your post.. Plagued with indecision, even with the of tiniest doubt, is what I see in many of my thoughts and in others in what they say or show in body language.. I see bias and selfishness and as the biggest stumbling blocks we trip over that blind us from truth that we shroud from ourselves.. But when we have that ” just feels right ” feeling, its coming from where truth sits deep.. Which is why I believe your one sentence comment answers your post precisely 😊

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