The Ladder Of Ambition Or Of Life…You Choose

The ladder of ambition is a symbol of success, the vision of power and strength
Many climb this ladder, forever hopeful of better fortunes or greater status
Each step brings the promise of bigger gains, all the while we leave ourselves behind
We become what it takes, alter our ideals, all in the name of our future retirement

Others share the ladder with us, yet we crush their hands under our feet as we climb
No thought given to the person below, we strive for greater and greater heights
The higher we go, the more ruthless we become, spurred on by others at the top
When we reach the zenith we realize, we are alone at the top, no friends remain

We look out from above and realize what we have lost, the price we pay for success
Respect is given us but not earned, all below wait to challenge our mistakes
The pedestal is weak and prone to fall, many stand by to point out our shortcomings
The sun is strong at the top and we burn easily, the shaded ones below ready to pounce

Sometime we see the ladder of life from the top and realize the folly of our climb
We reach out for it, but our hands are to full of materialistic ideals to grab hold
We must climb back down the ladder, past the withering stares of those we crushed
Pushed aside by those next in line while they shout with glee at our fall from grace

We start up the ladder of life with renewed purpose, the joy of discovery abounds
The climb not as steep, the effort not as grave, we take our time and enjoy each step
The beauty of the view is not lost on us, we savor the time and the people we meet
The understanding of what really matters in life becomes clear, our eyes are opened

With each step we gain a better grasp on how we want to live, what we hope to achieve
The sight or smell of simple things, spring flowers or fresh bread, become our world
We remember how it felt to be young, enchanted by everyday life, no cares or worries
Every step of the ladder brings new joy and hope, we gladly fall back to a simpler time

We make it our goal to live a simpler life, free from the pressure of ambitions lies
Find solace in every day joys, understanding the true measure of a person is not status
No amount of money, no fancy car, no 4 bedroom house, can match the beauty within
The ladder of life leads to a fulfilling life, complete in every way, all one need do is climb






15 thoughts on “The Ladder Of Ambition Or Of Life…You Choose

  1. Great post. And so true. I wonder why it often takes us having climbed the first ladder to understand that it’s not for us. No amount of telling beforehand would have prevented us climbing it I suppose?

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  2. Why does there need to be a ladder at all? A hierarchy. The majority of that pressure comes from societies expectations. How much of our sadness and guilt is tied to that ladder?? I, too, am on the second ladder. Hanging on for dear life!! None of that “stuff” matters! At the end of the day, none of the materialistic, superficial stuff matters. X

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