An Afternoon Off

IMG_4963 (Large)Today I thought I would share my afternoon off with you.  I’m at one of my favorite truck stops, the Petro in Scranton PA.  If you’ve driven Interstate 81 through this area you may have seen the sign.

The buffet is much better than most, the driver amenities such as the showers and rest rooms are modern and clean, and the grounds offer a place to walk Vinny without to much trash.

There’s always 1 or 2 IMG_4959 (Large)unscrupulous drivers that dump whatever is left in their trailer on the ground.  To damn lazy to walk 100 yards to the dumpster!  Some people just suck, there’s no other way to put it.


But, as always I can find something to grab my eye, some kind of beauty in between all the trucks and other distractions.

IMG_4938 (Large)


IMG_4948 (Large)

IMG_4955 (Large)

IMG_4967 (Large)

IMG_4960 (Large)

But one thing really stands out…The view!

IMG_4973 (Large)

IMG_4974 (Large)


IMG_4985 (Large)




18 thoughts on “An Afternoon Off

  1. Wow, brings back memories, I spent a summer near Scranton as a camp counselor,,,,but the college kid from southern Cali (me) had no idea what it meant that the camp was “kosher” but I found out. Love the photos, thanks

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      1. Thank you. I would go back to Maine again and again (I loved it and thank you so much for the steers you gave me … Boothbay is beyond idyllic for example) I have now nailed the rest for discussion. I have a cousin in Northern CA, another in Baltimore (who runs a summer camp in Maine) and a third in Ohio so those are must-do’s. I also want to see some of the down-sides …. as you will probably understand my heart is not all glossy, it has a dark, sad side and it is necessary for me to see the poor underbelly too. The rust-belt, the worst parts of west texas … gimme a few more – you thought you were weird!!!

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      2. It’s good to look at things with a touch of doubt, a cynical eye. Not everything is as it is portrayed. I could show trucking as a wonderful experience, a job to be envied. Sadly, it’s just a job, but I try to make the best of it.

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      3. Of course …. That goes for most things – I can look at the same view in 6 different moods – happy, sad, angry, depressed, elated, bitter and see 6 different things reflect back at me even though the reality is that it’s just the view.

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  2. My 4 states would be Florida, Maine, California and Montana..
    As far as Osyth finding the dark underbelly, I would direct her to Washington, D.C. , the seat of power and affluence in America, has the worst of poverty stricken folks in the United States in this small District.. It speaks volumes about turning turning a blind eye to the problems that continually plague our country.. If we ever had a president that would clean up D.C. and give people there hope and opportunity, that man or woman would be the best president we’ve ever had.. Finding what works to decrease crime and raise potential in D.C. could be repeated in every city in the nation.. Then America would be getting back into shape and prospering again..

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